Creepy Tale
Creepy Tale for Mac
Deqaf Studio Games / Adventure
Creepy quest with the atmosphere of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales. Go through a dangerous adventure filled with puzzles and challenges! Perhaps it is you who will be able to solve all the secrets of forest and save the peaceful creatures?


Creepy Tale 2

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About the Game


While walking with your brother, everything turns into horror and drags the hero into a series of terrible events. Your brother has been kidnapped, and you are left face-to-face with an ominous forest filled with dangers and strange creatures. Solve the puzzles that you meet on the way, do not let yourself be caught, and save your brother!
Find out the dark story that befell the once-calm and peaceful forest, turning it into a creepy place filled with evil. Perhaps it is you who will be able to solve all the secrets of the forest and save the peaceful creatures?


1. Creepy atmospheric puzzle
2. Elements of a classic quest: collect items and use them in a wide variety of cases.
3. But this is not only a quest, you will have to hide, run away, jump high, and even ... learn to play the reedpipe!
4. A truly creepy soundtrack and beautiful 2D art will take you to a dark tale and give you few unforgettable hours!

Game Summary:

You can run Creepy Tale on Mac operating systems. Creepy Tale is a game developed by Deqaf Studio and it is listed in the Games category under Adventure. Creepy Tale is licensed as Creepy Tale.

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