Luminary Rise of the GoonZu
Luminary Rise of the GoonZu 1.0 for Windows
NDOORS Corporation Games / Simulation
Rise of the GoonZu simulates a real world society in which players can become an artisan and create their own items
Use these items to slay the powerful creatures of the land or sell them in the market and become an economic player where you can gain enough wealth and influence to buy the town stocks, lease buildings, or employ your own work force. Do you think you’re popular and have earned the respect of your fellow players? You can run for office in the residential election and become the GoonZu where you can control the server’s future.

Game Summary:

You can run Luminary Rise of the GoonZu on Windows operating systems. Luminary Rise of the GoonZu is a game developed by NDOORS Corporation and it is listed in the Games category under Simulation. Luminary Rise of the GoonZu is a free game and it is fully functional for an unlimited time although there may be other versions of this game.

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