PixaFlux for Windows
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Easily build, modify and compose the textures for your 3D models, while keeping track of your workflow via nodes using this utility
PixaFlux is an advanced image editing and compositing application that uses a node graph that enables you to create, adjust and deform images and 3D models' textures. When an attribute or data changes in a node, only that change is stored in the undo-redo stack. For example, if a constant node generates an 800x600 red image, and the color is changed to blue, only the 3 float values of the color are stored in the undo stack, not a 800x600 image.Features The Paint node support painting tools like Draw, Erase, Clone, Heal, Smudge and Blur. PixaFlux never overwrites the input images. All modifications are applied to the images that flow through the node graph, and output images are saved to new files. The Convert nodes can change the color of an image to a different color mode, this way modifications and adjustments can be applied to an image in the most suitable color mode.

Software Summary:

You can run PixaFlux on Windows operating systems. PixaFlux is a software product developed by PixaFlux and it is listed in the Graphic & Design category under Editors. PixaFlux is a free software product and it is fully functional for an unlimited time although there may be other versions of this software product.

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