Here’s Marko’s recommended Antivirus Software
We’ve handpicked our favorite applications and want to show you the key differences.
by Marko Jovanovic / January 23, 2023
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Editor’s Conclusion Price & Terms # of Devices Platforms Malware Remediation Automated Software Updates Password Manager Real-Time Reports & Notifications Automatic & Schedulable Scans Browser Protection Ransomware Recovery
  • Comprehensive, sophisticated features
  • Upgradeable for VPN, cleanup and anti-tracking
  • Minimally affects PC/laptop performance
12 month plan: $49.99 per year
Save 50%
30 day money-back guarantee
Up to 10
  • Proactive ransomware and phishing attack protection
  • 2-to-1 password generator/manager
  • Web track and adblocker
12 month plan: $34.99 per year
Save 50% vs monthly plan of $5.99
60 day money-back guarantee
1, up to 5 for higher price
  • Includes Surfshark VPN
  • Highly customizable
  • No logs, trackers or ads in search tool
12 month plan: $65.76 per year
Save 62% vs monthly plan of $14.44
30 day money-back guarantee
  • Extensive malware control options
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Customizable, yet features can be automated
12 month plan: $33.74 per year
Save 25%
60 day money-back guarantee
1, up to 10 for higher price
[1] Available via Avast Passwords [2] Available via Avast Secure Browser [3] Available via Avira Software Updater Pro [4] Avira Browser Safety Add-on
Questions We Usually Get
What makes a good antivirus program worth the money?
The main purpose of all antivirus applications is to provide additional online protection to the user. All antivirus programs are different; some are focused on reinforcing certain security elements (browser or app-based security, for example) while others are designed to be all-rounded and protect the device against any threat. The best antivirus programs offer customizable, automated protection against all up-to-date cyber threats.
How do I install and use an antivirus program?
The first thing you should do is decide which antivirus provider you want to subscribe to. After completing your order, you will receive an email with the installer for your desired software. Follow the provided instructions to finalize the setup. Once the antivirus has been installed, it will automatically launch and remain active as long as the PC/laptop is on.
Why do I need an antivirus program if I already have a firewall?
Firewall programs and hardware typically specialize in monitoring and IP-filtering data trying to move past it, meaning that it is mainly concerned with addressing external threats exclusively (active protection). Antivirus programs, unlike firewalls, can scan corrupt apps and files internally and expand the scope of external protection to monitor, address, and neutralize external threats that firewalls would only register upon “contact” (proactive protection).