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Weather Assistant by ClimaCell 1.17.0 for iOS
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Be prepared and plan smartly with global minute-by-minute and street-by-street hyper accurate forecasts, rain and snow alerts, air quality maps and wind speeds.ClimaCells unique forecasts are in use by industries, from aviation to on-demand players, who cant afford to make a bad call based on weather. You shouldnt have to either.What people are saying ?The Washington Post - Alerting you when its about to rain, down to the minute, all around the world.Mashable - Bad weather is one thing technology won't let us escape, no matter how hard we try. The new ClimaCell app will at least help you be prepared.Fortune Magazine - "The new app gives forecasts for precise areas, as small as a city block"ClimaCells MicroWeather - based on data from the connected world, traditional data sources, and new, cutting-edge modeling - is hyper accurate, specific and relevant to your life. By-the-minute, by-the-street forecasts up to three hours ahead High resolution: weather analysis at 500 meters resolution Refresh: updated forecast every minute Stay safe with severe weather alerts and safety tips from the National Weather Service. What our users are saying?"Best weather app!I absolutely love this weather app! It alerts me when its going to rain, has an easy to view radar map on the home screen and is extremely easy to navigate through. I would choose this app over Accuweather, which I have used for years!" - Bchan80."Super accurate weather appThis is the coolest weather app. The data is the lost accurate and precise by far. Better weather prediction and user interface than Dark Sky. If you really want to get accurate weather, check out Climacell." - Markymark7419"Accurate and easy!Love this app! Its a game changer. So much more accurate down to the minute, for example Im an avid biker and motorcycle rider, knowing when and where the rain will come with this level of precision is awesome." - RBrider65Hello #OutsmartWeather-----Privacy & Feedback Our Privacy Policy can be viewed here: Our EULA can be viewed here: If you have any questions or suggestions about our service, please do not hesitate to get in touch at [email protected]

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You can run Weather Assistant by ClimaCell on iOS operating systems. Weather Assistant by ClimaCell is an app developed by Climacell and it is listed in the Weather category. Weather Assistant by ClimaCell is a free app and it is fully functional for an unlimited time although there may be other versions of this app.

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