Download Macro Toolworks, Free Edition 9.1.1
Macro software with recorder and scheduler. Automate tasks in any app or web.
Download Perfect Keyboard, Free Edition
Type fast, fill forms, and automate data entry of all kind with text expander
Download Keystroke Converter 201509042020
Customize keyboard layout Change key shortcut
Download Text Template Parser 2.4.8
Retrieve, Extract and Transform Data from Text File, Web, Email, PDF, Excel.
Download Automize 12.09
Automated various tasks
Download Advanced Task Scheduler
A powerful cost-effective tool to schedule running of applications.
Download RoboTask 7.8
RoboTask can automate any series of tasks you do on your computer.
Download Auto Recycle Bin 1.0.9
Automate the process of emptying your recycle bin
Download Macro Expert 4.63
Automate repetitive or routine tasks
Download System Scheduler 5.16
Schedule applications and reminders
Download TinyTask 1.72
Portable app that provides basic automation (recording and playback) of your computer activity.
Download PlayStatic 2.0.0
Free macro recorder to automate repetitive tasks such as mouse clicks, keystrokes, and shortcuts.
Download Pulover Macro Creator 5.0.5
Automation tool and script generator
Download PlanetWheelShortcuts 1.2.0
PlanetWheelShortcuts is the fastest tool for shortcuts input.
Download WinBatch 2019a
Windows scripting language
Download Quick Macros
Advanced automation tool
Download Z-Cron 5.6.04
Advanced task scheduler
Download Active Directory Change Tracker 2.6
Active Directory Change Tracker a powerful tool to track, analyze Changes in AD