Download Google Toolbar for Firefox 3.0.20070525W
Google Toolbar for Firefox enables You to take the power of Google with you anywhere on the Web.
Download Autofill Forms
Firefox extension that will automatically fill out web forms automatically based on the profiles you create
Download CustomizeGoogle 0.63
Firefox extension that is meant to enhance your Google search results made via the Firefox bowser
Download Fast Video Download
Firefox extension designed to save a desired .flv file in a very easy fashion from a video-hosting page
Download Opera Bible 1.0
Opera widget that will display on your desktop random verses from the Bible
Download Soccer news 1.0
Opera widget that will display on your desktop the latest soccer news headlines from the NY Times website
Download Rijeka small 0.22
Rijeka small is a Opera widget that will display a live webcam view of the Rijeka city in Croatia.
Download TrendProtect
TrendProtect - avoid Web pages with unwanted content and hidden threats
Download NBA TOOLBAR 1.0
Free NBA Toolbar.Made for the NBA fan!Keep you informed.
Download FEBE 5.0
FEBE is a Firefox extension that lets you backup other Firefox extensions
Download Skype Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox
The Skype Web Toolbar lets you combine Skype with your Firefox web browser
Download oSync 1.0.1 6
oSync provides a simple and secure way to synchronize Opera's bookmarks beetween computers
Download Vertigo 0.5
Vertigo is a Firefox add-on that will replace your horizontal tabs with vertical ones
Download GUtil! 2.1.7a
Google Utilities in your Firefox Menu and Toolbar.
Download Gladder
Gladder is a very useful Firefox extension helping people get over the censorship in mainland China.
Download ProxyToy 1.5
ProxyToy will allow you to switch/change the proxy server settings for Internet Explorer without having to go via the usual configuration settings. ProxyToy is controlled via a tray icon, which allows for quick...
Download Rječnik toolbar 1.1
Rje?nik toolbar is addon for Firefox which enables You to use English-Croatian dictionary.
Download ICQ Toolbar 2.3
ICQ Toolbar offers extra search options, pop-up blocker, ICQmail notifier, RSS feeds and other useful shortcuts.