Download Soda Player 1.4.2
Play streaming torrent movies instead of downloading them with a BitTorrent client using this modern tool that puts emphasis on privacy
Download Retroshare 0.4.09
Retroshare enables you to communicate with friends securely and privately
Download Dropbox 93.3.267
Store, Sync, and Share your files online
Download uTorrent
uTorrent is bittorrent download client that sports RSS auto-downloading, bandwidth prioritization, Mainline DHT and scheduling
Download qBittorrent
Download and create torrents
Download FrostWire 6.8.3
FrostWire is a fork of the very popular LimeWire PRO Gnutella/Bittorrent client.
Download BitTorrent
BitTorrent is the p2p file sharing client with brain
Download OnionShare 2.2
Secure and anonymous file sharing via Tor
Download Send Anywhere 9.6 Build 141147
File sharing app to quickly and easily send any file type of any size across any platform.
Download BitComet 1.57
BitComet is a p2p file-sharing freeware fully compatible with BitTorrent
Download Tribler 7.2.2 / 7.3.0 4
A social community that facilitates filesharing through a peer-to-peer (p2p) network.
Download VidMasta 26.0
Search and download movies and TV shows
Download Koinonein BitTorrent Client
A fast and free BitTorrent Client
Download Trilix 5.5.0
Trilix is the most comfortable and elegant file sharing system for Windows.
Download Imesh MP3 Downloader 9.7.0
Imesh MP3 Downloader is a great download service for music and any type of files
Download BearShare Music 5.1.0
BearShare Music is a free files sharing software that helps you download music.
Download LimeWire MP3 5.8.0
LimeWire MP3 contains unique features including ghost ratings.
Download BearShare MP3 8.7.0
Bearshare MP3 is a feature-loaded, secure and smart P2P application.