Download GiMeSpace QuickMenu
Fastest and easiest task launcher/switcher! No need for your start menu anymore.
Download Don't Sleep 6.65
Small tool to prevent system Shutdown, Stand By, Turn Off , Restart, Hibernate.
Download Spencer::Windows XP Style Start Menu for Windows
Spencer::Windows XP Style Start Menu for Windows 10
Download Vista Start Menu 6.7
A superior alternative to the Start menu. Start working with pleasure!
Download AutoPowerOptionsOK 2.61
A quick access to the power options, and also auto change or adjust
Download SterJo Startup Patrol 1.6
Application designed to patrol Windows startup locations.
Download GSA Autostart Cleaner 2.43
Clean up all your autostart places and context menus and make your PC faster.
Download ProcessKO 4.83
Creating Favorite-K.O. for fast killing processes or programs and save time.
Download HiBit Startup Manager
Manage all your startup programs
Download EMCO Ping Monitor (Free Version)
Automatic shutown or reboot
Download EF StartUp Manager 20.02
Allows you to control what programs run at the system startup
Download Find and Run Robot 2.239.02
press to launch it then just start typing the letters of app to find and run it
Download LaunchBar Commander 1.158.01
Professional Launch Bar Tool with many options
Download Maximize Always 1.0
Start and keep maximized automatically specified applications or windows.
Download Biniware Run 2.4.0
Keep all important shortcuts in one place
Download SideSlide
Customizable launchpad
Download SterJo Task Manager 2.9
Advanced utility for managing Windows processes, services and registry.
Download CloneApp 2.14.544
Backup tool for application settings