Download ApexSQL Refactor
A collection of code refactors.
Download WiRNS 2.0.0 / 3.0.4246.296
An application that allows you to view and connect to your ReplayTV device through an Internet proxy and download the desired shows to your computer
Download HexHub 5.12
An IOCP-based file-sharing hub with anti-flood protection, anti-spam protection, DDoS filtering
Download IEC-TestServer 1.0.3-35
A Java-based utility that enables you to simulate and run an IEC 60870-5-104 server, configure connection parameters and monitor client connections
Download Pretty Database Explorer
A lightweight, yet reliable tool to help you explore various databases and write queries, providing support for Firebird, Interbase, MySQL, Oracle and more
Download ASCOOS Web Server
A powerful and reliable web server that includes a combination of web technologies such as PHP, MySQL and Filezilla, able to help in development
Download iUPDATE
A dependable and intuitive application that allows users to keep their databases, along with all the data they contain synchronized and updated
Download PumpKIN
Relies on the Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) protocol in order to transfer files between multiple machines in a private network
Download Weka 3.7.11
A simple and reliable Java-based software solution that can assist you in data mining or developing learning schemes, saving you time
Download DBPlot 2.5.3
Plot your data in seconds
Download ETU SQL for MS SQL 6.1.12
A database management tool that enables you to easily connect to an SQL server database, edit records, add or remove users and export data to Excel
Download SqlCodeGuard 2.4.5222
Fast and comprehensive static analyse for T-Sql code
Download Sockso 1.5.3
An efficient and comprehensible software application designed for helping you easily stream music playlists online, in an interactive environment
Download Cach?? Monitor Home Edition (formerly Cach?? Monitor) 2.54
Integrated environment for accessing, configuring, managing and administering various components of InterSystems database Cach??
Download OAQL Server 2.0u06
An easy to configure server that helps you connect to all your databases and applications from a single place, connecting databases together
Download traccar 2.7
Java-based GPS server
Download LedgerSMB 1.3.38 / 1.4.0 5
Accounting tool that can come in handy
Download IntegraXor 4.1.4360.0 / 4.1.4394.0
A reliable application designed to help bypass the issues related with sending large images on the Internet when using HMI/SCADA systems