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Average software, dishonest company
Added: 21.02.2020 20:01, User: Kerry Murphy
Reviewed version: 5.60
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The software works reasonably well in "trial mode" despite having daunting security issues. My problem is with the company. I bought the software at a "special price" of $ 20, was billed $ 29, and then found that the license was not "tied" to the software and was therefore unusable. I paid through PayPal and accessed the dispute settlement process after repeatedly failing to get a direct response through WinRar. WinRar responded by contacting me in an email outside of the PayPal dispute settlement process. The email from WinRar was rude, unhelpful and ignored the overload. They forwarded another key and punished me for trying to get a refund for a product that didn't work. The new key didn't work and the email was so aggressive and unresponsive that I made up my mind to just do that