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An intuitive and user-friendly software solution that enables you to easily chat with other users, from all over the world, at the same time. Read more about Zello
We have been using it for a little over 7 years, (from Loudtalk lite V: 0.82)
Added: 26.04.2015 01:00, User: Speeddy
Reviewed version: 2.83 za Android
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Global communicator. Works in Croatian according to sist. press and talk, release and listen (PTT / PZG, ie radio station), from memory stick via win95, Black Berry, win.phone8 to iPad or from dial up via GSM, micro Hot-Spot, ADSL, Wi-Fi , to satellite internet access from any accident. Not tied to a phone number. If the phone rings, Zello goes into the background. He has a history of conversation. It consumes very little internet traffic. It exchanges audio (speech, sound), visual (images) and written (short text) information directly (in pairs) or with up to 999 listeners per channel. It is possible to create a channel, and if we do not need it, to turn it off (not listen), delete it from your channel list, or permanently cancel it (if you are its owner / administrator), but the channels should definitely be assigned a sufficient number of controllers. be heard, or restrict access (password) or permissions. Read the rules and guidelines of the Zello community at www.zello.com / Not for under 14s /

I push a button and say a message. (to one person or everyone on the channel), Who hasn’t heard, has a recording in history. If he needs to answer and his hands are busy, he will answer when he arrives, but he received the message (heard, read, saw). When we ride in a group (column) the message s
SOME PEOPLE'S TENDENCY TO ABUSE EVERYTHING GOOD IS IRRITANT, and they think that they can harass others and that no one can do anything to them, like in radio stations. But, fortunately, that is why there are controllers who solve it immediately and without comment temporarily
It works, it's not scattered, there are no advertisements simply - WORK
Added: 26.04.2015 01:44, User: Speeddy
Reviewed version: windows PC 1.46
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The same is true for Android, iOS, BB, or win phone, but the Windows PC version also has VOX, so it can be used as a "translator" or "gateway", ie, users of the Zello network (ie a channel) who work with cell phones, "falls", etc. connect to a specific channel on a specific frequency (say on a CB or PMR channel not to mention otherwise) so that they can communicate and collaborate with each other. There is also a professional version of this (Zello @ Work) but it is not completely free.

It works when it’s boring, it works when it’s not boring, but it also works when it’s “dense”. A bunch of conversations are going on and it doesn’t burden and clog the phone network like making a phone call. Don't waste the internet like Skype ... Don't waste time writing like Face etc. Don't ruin the old man
Samsung android phones below the S4 turn on battery saving (shortly after the screen goes off) so they cancel the complete background communication with the server so we say that Zello is "asleep", ie. although we think we are listening, Samsung has checked us out with