2hotspot for Windows
2hotspot is a powerful software that enables you to create wireless hotspots using your wireless router or wifi card.
Community Wireless Networks: Are hotspots that offer community services such as chat, bulletin board, forums and blogs that are unique to a location or set of locations. Community Hotspots are popular at public libraries, community centers, and residential neighborhoods. Community Hotspots can include Internet sharing, and can be added to any of the following hotspot types. These types of Hotspots are unique because they can offer content that is distinctive to users who are physically located at a community location. Free Internet Hotspots: Are hotspots that provide free access to the Internet. 2hotspot requires users to register before they gain free access. 2hotspot can also limit the number of concurrent users allowed and the bandwidth allocated to these users. Broadband Internet Sharing: Are hotspots that allow users to share a single Internet connection and split the ISP bill. 2hotspot automatically calculates the portion each user need to pay. 2hotspot users can reduce their broadband fees this way, or upgrade to higher speed broadband connection while keeping costs low. For Profit Hotspot: Are hotspots that enable subscribers or casual users to access the Internet for a fee. 2hotspot manages the payment collection according to billing plans you define.2hotspot mail you checks for the payments made in your hotspots.

Software Summary:

You can run 2hotspot on Windows operating systems. 2hotspot is a software product developed by 2hotspot and it is listed in the category. 2hotspot is a free software product and it is fully functional for an unlimited time although there may be other versions of this software product.

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