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All-in-one Tool for iOS Devices.
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3uTools 2.56.012
Communications / iOS Phone Tools
Operating system:
Windows Windows 7/8/10
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99.94 MB
3uTools 2.56.012 is listed in iOS Phone Tools category and made available by 3uTools for Windows Windows 7/8/10.

All-in-one Tool for iOS Devices

3uTools Download

The security of iOS devices makes them reliable and safe. However, if you own one, you know there's a process to perform nearly every action on your device. 3uTools helps you to organize your device.

You may consider downloading 3uTools on your device because it eliminates the need to use iTunes to manage your device. How? It avails all features in one software making every action easy and straightforward. Let's review this tool.

An Efficient Tool for iOS Files & Data Management

When you do a 3utools review, you'll notice how easy running your device will turn out. Management of your apps, ringtones, music, photos, videos, etcetera becomes simple.

That is because the software has a 3uTools key which provides an effective way into your device's content. Hence, you'll find mounted programs, hardware specs, pictures, songs, and films through these app uses. Moreover, the tool avails iDevice and detailed iOS information for you, including activation, jailbreak, lock battery, and different statuses.

What's more? 3utools enables you to execute many surgeries through your iOS as you please. That makes this tool efficient and most helpful to manage and organize your data effectively.

Delightful, Diverse, And Useful Plus-Features

After you download this online appliance, you'll find diverse and decorative wallpapers, unique ringtones, and apps ready for download. The delightful features enhance your iOS device experience. What are these added characteristics? First, they're exclusive features for iOS device users. They include conversions for films and music to the board, which allows you to transform your videos or audios into diverse formats. Also, 3uTools avails video games to download. Plus, there's a backup for your data, making ringtones and an icon fixer.

Jailbreak and Flashing Made Easy

You have to understand that if you jailbreak, your safety is not guaranteed. What's jailbreaking? It's a process that allows you to exploit a locked device and add software that the manufacturer doesn't avail. 3uTools supports flash and jailbreak.

However, jailbreaking is made easy by 3uTools because it gives you a click-away feature for a 3uTools jailbreak. Moreover, the tool has advanced and delightful features to manage files and perform data backup. They include SHSH backup, baseband upgrade, and baseband downgrade, etcetera. 

These added qualities organize your data in a manner that is easy to use. Moreover, this software has no in-app advertisements that may destroy your device.

The software supports flashing action through three modes; recovery mode, DFU mode, and normal mode. The reason is 3uTools auto-matches current firmware in your iOS devices.

How to Download 3uTools For Your PC 

It's easy to download 3uTools for your pc. First, you can get a 3uTools download from their official website. After you browse on their website, you can click the download option to install the software. Second, you can get a 3uTools exe download from other sites by hitting on the links availed in those sites for the download.

I suggest that you consider going to the official website to get your tool for your device's security purposes. Once you have the downloaded file, you'll see a notification asking whether to run the file. Go ahead and click run. Afterward, click install and patiently wait until it's downloaded. Then, launch. Follow the notice to connect your device to your personal computer through a USB cable. You may use 3uTools at this point.

Versions Of 3uTools

There are numerous versions of 3uTools. For example;

V2.56 (3 / 2021): This version optimizes the logic of downloading the app in the Apps download center and can turn off the verification report. Also, it optimizes issues regarding IPA signature.

V2.53 (10 / 2020): The version supports iPhone 12 in equipment detection and fixes exporting photos.

V2.52 (10 / 2020): Adds a function for custom mirroring and supports simple SSH tools. Moreover, it solves some bugs and problems that previous systems couldn't.

V2.50 (07 / 2020): This version addresses issues like adding a function to detect genuine parts supporting the installation of social software and fixing some bugs.

3uTools Pros

  • Easy to use user interface
  • Activation for jailbreak and flash
  • Ability to manipulate location virtually
  • Utilities for ordinary and advanced modes
  • All-in-one function to control the majority of commands
  • Has no in-app advertisements


  • Not available for mac 
  • Not available for android devices
  • Without cross-platform

The Q&As

Does 3uTools Work for Android and Windows 10?

No, it doesn't work. But you can securely install the tool on Microsoft computers and laptops with Windows 10,8 and 7, Windows XP 64-bit and 32 bit and Windows Vista operating systems. Other minimum requirements include minimum drive storage of one GB and at least one gigabyte of RAM. That's because 3uTools has a file size of 57.61 megabytes. Also, this app is compatible with iPods, iPads, and iPhones. If you would like more data concerning their operation, you can visit their policy on the website. That will answer the question of whether you can use the software in a mac operating system device.

How Do I Get 3uTools In My iPhone?

First, install and launch the app on your personal computer. There will be a notice to connect to your iPhone iPad. The feature allows you to connect via a USB cable. Click on it and connect your


Is 3uTools Free?

Yes. Get a 3uTools free download at the 3uTools' website and in other 3uTool reviews. All features of the app are free and ready for download on all the devices listed above. Plus, the app has a user-friendly interface and a free crack for acquiring the app.

Can You Manage the Location of the iPhone Using


Yes, 3uTools allows a virtual location mode that enables you to mimic different areas. You may skip the restriction of regions at the video or games, too, with the virtual-location button. 

To do the trick, type the geographical dimensions of your location by latitude and longitude. Then press the button to modify your site. To go back to your actual site, tap on the button to restore your proper location, which will need you to restart your device.

Alternatives of 3uTools

Unfortunately, there are no alternatives to 3utools currently. However, the following apps supplement some of the functions;


If you've jailbroken your iOS devices, you can use Cydia as an alternative to App Store. 


Pangu doesn't consider the jailbreak process of your iOS devices. It's a management tool that redefines your device in your terms.

Final Words

The features of 3uTools are outstanding. If you want to manage your iDevice effectively and efficiently, this software is a must-have. Unfortunately, there's no alternative. The bottom line is, the software will best suit your device.


You can run 3uTools 2.56.012 on Windows Windows 7/8/10 operating systems. 3uTools 2.56.012 is a software product developed by 3uTools and it is listed in Communications category under iOS Phone Tools. 3uTools 2.56.012 is a free software product and it is fully functional for an unlimited time although there may be other versions of this software product. 3uTools 2.56.012 was last time updated on Apr 18th, 2021 to version 2.56.012.

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3uTools 2.56.012 awards
3uTools 2.56.012 awards
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