Download Board Kings for iOS

Download Board Kings for iOS
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Latest Version:
Board Kings 3.41.0
Operating System:
iOS 9.0
Jan. 21st, 2021
Mar. 8th, 2017
Games / Adventure
Board Kings is listed in Adventure category and made available by Jelly Button Games for iOS.

Multiplayer Games With Friends

Roll the dice and build a board city in Board Kings, an online multiplayer board game to play with friends & family and compete them!Join this adventure! Board Kings is the ultimate in online fun board games: play with your friends and destroy their game boards, while you grab the goods!- Roll a dice to move around your board. It's your board game to play... and win!- Build your own board city, grabbing coins as you go! - Travel to other players (and your friends) boards...and- Steal their stuff! Discover your competitive side, go nuts and grab away! Until the next dice roll, that is...- Unlock new boards from all that board hopping - Mini games or the Train- Each dice roll can add to your board game album - collect all the stickers for awesome rewards! - Upgrade your game boards sections to level up to the next game board adventure!- Enjoy over 20 fun multiplayer board games, with more game boards added each update! It's a fun game to play with friends or create a family fun pack!Hourly Board Game Goodies and more in Board Kings!Play a dice game and get board game goodies galore! rolls, coins, gems, special boards and more are up for grabs on every board game hop!- Hourly rolls every single day (and more board game goodies too)!- Win special surprise bonuses as you play!- Invite your friends for more goodies - its a social mobile board game!- Roll the dice to build famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower to your game board as you playAll is fair in love and board games - you could even call it a game of life! Board Kings is probably the best board game of all time! Play with your friends! A Multiplayer Dice Game Where You Destroy (and Steal) Your Friends Stuff!Board Kings is one of the board games for 2 players where you can play with friends board, then destroy and steal their stuff (and theyll still probably talk to you. Maybe).- Visit your friends boards...and then destroy and steal their goodies and more!- Watch out - they might plan a revenge attack! Keep your stuff guarded!- Get board game prizes when invaders land on your game boards landmarks!There are board game prizes and more up for grabs - why aren't you playing Board Kings yet?


You can run Board Kings on iOS devices. Board Kings is a game developed by Jelly Button Games and it is listed in Games category under Adventure. Board Kings is a free game and it is fully functional for an unlimited time although there may be other versions of this game. Board Kings was last time updated on Jan. 27th, 2021.

Download Board Kings for iOS

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