Top 5 Best iOS Apps to Track Your Child's Cell Phone
Marko Jovanovic Jan 19th, 2021
Top 5 Best iOS Apps to Track Your Child's Cell Phone

The digital age poses some serious dangers to kids online. Every child with a cell phone is a challenge for parents who want to track their kid’s activities. With some social media apps providing self-destructing posts doesn’t help. 

So, the need to track a kid’s activity online is more in demand today than ever before. Thanks to spy apps, parents can now track their children’s real-time location and online activities remotely. 

These apps give parents some peace of mind in terms of making sure their kids are safe. In this post, you will learn about the top 5 best apps to track your child’s cell phone. 

Cocospy - Best parental control app

Cocospy is the most trusted parental control app with millions of users across the world. The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. If you want a reliable way to track your child’s cell phone check out Cocospy. 

As a leader in the phone tracking industry, Cocospy has been approved by media outlets like CNET, Forbes and With Cocospy, you can track your kid’s whereabouts and online activities remotely. 

It can track social media activities on your kid’s cell phone and web browser activities. You can learn more about this parental control app by visiting Neatspy. Cocospy can also be used to track employee activities. 

What makes Cocospy a reliable app

1. No rooting or jailbreaking required

Cocospy doesn’t require compromising your child’s cell phone to track them. Jailbreaking iOS or rooting Android devices leaves your child vulnerable to malware online. To avoid the need to compromise your kid’s security, Cocospy uses cutting-edge technology. 

Cocospy is among a handful of apps that don’t require rooting or jailbreaking for them to work. Besides jailbreaking or rooting requires technical know-how from the user otherwise, you risk damaging your kid’s phone. 

2. Safe

Cocospy is unable to access data from third-party apps so it can’t store such data on its server. Also, it ensures you are the only one who can access the content in your Cocospy dashboard. 

3. Remote tracking

Cocospy is a web-based cell phone tracking app. With Cocospy, parents can track their kids remotely via a web browser. To start tracking your child, you only need to log in to your Cocospy dashboard. 

The dashboard gives you access to virtually unlimited access to your kid’s cell phone. It allows parents to track everything from messages to social media and real-time location. 

4. Undetectable 

Cocospy cell phone tracking activities take place in the background. Also, it uses very little system resources to avoid interfering with your kid’s phone performance. 

On iOS, Cocospy doesn’t require the installation of the app. Rather it uses the iCloud backup. So, you will only need the iCloud of your kid’s iOS device. For Android devices, Cocospy requires one-time access to install the app. 

After installation of the Android App, Cocospy automatically deletes its icon and disguises itself. Also, it allows you to uninstall the app from your kid’s cell phone remotely. 

5. Multiple phone tracking features

With Cocospy, parents get a comprehensive cell phone tracking app. The app can track much more than just your kid’s activities and location. It can track browser activities, keystrokes, social media apps, messages, and much more. 


Another top-performing parental control app is Spyic. The app can spy on virtually all activities taking place on your child’s cell phone. Spyic is compatible with iOS and Android devices. 

What’s more, the app doesn’t require rooting or jailbreaking your kid’s smartphone. Rather, as one of the leading cell phone tracking apps, Spyic relies on technology to meet your tracking needs. 

Best of all, it is a web-based cell phone tracking app. So, it ensures you can spy on your child over the internet from anywhere in the world. Spyic is a safe, reliable, and reputable spy app in the cell phone tracking industry. 


Spyier is among the best cell phone tracking apps. It capitalizes on technology to ensure your cell phone tracking activities are undetectable. Also, it works on both iPhones and iOS smartphones. 

The intuitive user interface makes this app very easy to use. Parents, business owners, and couples trust  Spyier to meet their tracking needs. Spyier is available in more than 190 countries across the world. 

To ensure your kid is safe, Spyier doesn’t require rooting or jailbreaking your kid’s cell phone. Also, it comes with multiple cell phone tracking features that let you track virtually anything on your kid’s cell phone. 


Another decent cell phone tracking app is Minspy. It can track your kid’s whereabouts and activities online. The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices which makes it easy to track any of your kid’s devices. 

Minspy is among the trusted parental control apps in the industry. As a reliable app, it doesn’t require rooting or jailbreaking your child’s cell phone. Also, it is safe to use on your kid’s cell phone. 


Another top-performing parental control app is Spyine. It is one of the latest cell phone tracking apps in the industry. All its operations take place in the background to avoid interfering with your kid’s cell phone performance.

It supports Android and iOS devices. Tracking devices running on these platforms takes place discreetly and remotely. Also, it comes with dozens of amazing cell phone tracking features. 


The best app for tracking your kid’s cell phone should do so without compromising your kid’s safety. All the apps here make it possible to track your kid’s cell phone safely and discreetly. Try Cocospy, it may surprise you.