Case Chase
Case Chase 1.8.0 for iOS
GOECORUSH Media s. r. o.
CS GO Case Clicker & opener
Build your dream skin inventory from popular Counter Strike Global Offensive PC shooter phenom! Earn money and open various cases in this brand new mobile app cs go simulator. FEATURES Case ClickerTap the screen to earn currency or get a free loot crate or box. Use upgrades for better clicker, combos or critical clicks chances. You can gain money also automatically with two bots. CSGO BOTSHack the system! Bot Kyle makes money while you are offline and Bot Derek when you are online, playing the app mobile csgo case simulator. Flappy ChickenTap the screen to fly the chicken and collect coins. Each coin has its dollar value based on your upgrade. Reach the best score and get the final loot. Bomb DefuseThis is the quickest form of making in-game currency, but it unlocks at higher player level. Defuse bomb within the time limit. Each bomb you defuse, you'll get a reward. The higher level of the bomb, the more dollars you'll make. Case Opener Open different boxes and collect skins. The player can open up to 5 crates at once according to his current Counter Strike rank. Each crate drops various weapons with different float value, rarity and the price. MarketBuy or sell boxes. There are many types of csgo lootcrates available : Classic Collections Sticker Capsules Souvenirs Specials Custom Upgrades With a lot of upgrades, there is possible to tweak drop chances in the case opener, increase chances of getting stattrak weapon dropped. Also getting more XP with every case opened, sticker opened trade-up contract made Trade-up Use your 10 lower cs go skins quality to get the skin with a better quality. Lucky WheelSpin the wheel to get the free boost in the app like Double money reward for flappy, defuse or case clicker minigame, free in-game currency (amount depends on current csgo rank), boost towards XP, free skins, crates & lootcrate, knives or boxes. Skins JackpotWinner takes all! Put your skins to the table and grab the whole loot. RoulettePlay classic roulette. Choose between red, black or green number. Use chips balance to bet on your favorite color. Classic JackpotBeat your opponents. Bet the specific loot value and try to win. The more you stake, the more you win. Crash gameCan you predict when the graph stops? Grab the winnings before it crashes. QuestsThere are 3 quest slots where player fulfills the tasks i.e earn case clicker money, make purple to red trade-up contract, play minigame, bet on certain color in cs go roulette, get the loot, open crates and many more. AchievementsAre you true hardcore loot skin collector? Get exclusive csgo pins by collecting rare skins from the crates.There are three types of pins available: Exotic Remarkable High Grade All-time StatisticsPlayers also get detailed stats of their simulation which are divided into 3 sections - Overall stats, Minigames (case clicker, flappy, bomb defuse) and gambling casino.Note: This opener is just mobile simulation app and it's not related to Counter Strike: Global Offensive or CS 1.6, so all lootcrates, box, skins, knives or other items found there cannot be used on Steam or official game made by Valve.

Game Summary:

You can run Case Chase on iOS operating systems. Case Chase is a game developed by GOECORUSH Media s. r. o. and it is listed in the category. Case Chase is a free game and it is fully functional for an unlimited time although there may be other versions of this game.

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