Coma Math Teacher is Dead Dies Scary Knocked Out
Coma Math Teacher is Dead Dies Scary Knocked Out 1.7.777 for Android
Remo Real Horror
OOF! baldi is in a coma now, can we save him?
As you can see, something terrible has happened to our dear lovely baldi great teacher, baldi is in a coma and some poeple say that baldi is dies and may be actually dead now because someone did bad things to coma baldi school. Someone please call 911 ASAP, call any doctor or nurse for baldi because baldi coma and need fast help for health expert at hospital. Something really bad bad happen finally comes to baldi and make baldi unconscious in coma, we not sure yet why baldi got a coma and how baldi coma get hurt, but as we know when you answer wrong second math question the delivery man will throw a big package box to baldi head and makes baldi coma and baldi school window broken.

Stop asking anything and help baldi before his coma killed him anytime soon, help baldi by doing task you usually do and do it fast... fast faster because before you collect all 7 coma notebooks baldi will never going to the hospital to get special treatment. We believe you can finish all notebooks because no one will punish you when you do wrong math question and because baldi in a coma no one will stricly check your notebook answer. Because baldi in a coma joe finally return after one year and it's look so horror. You need to wait for the baldi coma chapter 2 and baldi in the dream world both of them will explain more detail about baldi is dies or baldi coma and dead you choose it.

In the final ending, after you collecting all required notebooks, baldi friends actually bring baldi to the hospital and meet doctor. In the hospital there are: crying principal, sad playtime, angry 1st prize, sad bully, arts and crafter, gotta sweep and filename2 join together visiting baldi in hospital bed sleeping and unconscious. Playtime asked the doctor if baldi oof or not, doctor said that baldi is not oof and baldi just had a serious coma and we need to bring baldi his special ruler item. But there's more in baldi coma game you could explore upside down baldi when answering wrong answer only and many more in baldi coma edition play more to get more special baldi ending. Just FYI baldi coma is combination of trap out of control and baldi dies so the first chapter would be fun. I saved baldi from his coma! baldi coma part 2 the dream world is next!

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You can run Coma Math Teacher is Dead Dies Scary Knocked Out on Android operating systems. Coma Math Teacher is Dead Dies Scary Knocked Out is an app developed by Remo Real Horror and it is listed in the category. Coma Math Teacher is Dead Dies Scary Knocked Out is a free app and it is fully functional for an unlimited time although there may be other versions of this app.

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