Eventbrite 8.3.8 for iOS
Local Events & Things To Do
Discover popular local events, get event recommendations just for you, and see which events your friends are going to! Get tickets and quickly access all of your Eventbrite tickets and event information from your iPhone. Find something new to do -- concerts, festivals, classes, conferences, free events and more -- right in the palm of your hand. With Eventbrite for mobile, you can: Discover popular and recommended events happening around you Find upcoming events for this week and weekend See which events your friends are going to Register for and get tickets to events Store your credit or debit cards for fast, easy purchasing View event details, including maps and directions Add your Eventbrite tickets to Passbook Easily share events with your friends Get into events with just your phone -- no paper tickets required!Also available in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Swedish.What is Eventbrite?Eventbrite enables anyone to create, promote, and sell tickets to any event imaginable, while also helping people discover and share events that match their passions. Whether its a neighborhood block party or a sold-out concert in a stadium, Eventbrite makes it happen.INFORMATION SHARING: When purchasing tickets or registering for an event, we provide the information entered to the event organizer so they can manage the event. Please review our Privacy Policy and California Privacy Notice for more information on your choices around information sharing.California Privacy Notice: https://www.eventbrite.com/support/articles/en_US/Troubleshooting/supplemental-privacy-notice-for-california-residents?lg=en_US

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You can run Eventbrite on iOS operating systems. Eventbrite is an app developed by Eventbrite and it is listed in the category. Eventbrite is a free app and it is fully functional for an unlimited time although there may be other versions of this app.

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