Face Match: Celebrity Look-Alike, Photo Editor, AI
Face Match: Celebrity Look-Alike, Photo Editor, AI 1.5 for Android
Atay Mobiles
Celebrity Face Detector, Find out Which Celebrity You Look Like, Selfie Editor
Face Match: Celebrity Look-Alike, Celebs Like Me App determines which celebrities look like you, which famous people share your birthday, comparing with celebrity BMI and which celebrity are you based on your weight and height...

Face recognition compares any face with the most popular celebrities. We use advanced techniques to find the closest match by match. This Face App is all you need and detects almost all celebrities so as to provide you with a nice experience.


· NEW - Collage maker : photo editor for photo collage
· Photo Grid to assemble your pictures in a collage way
· Best collage trends, grid, frame, and photo editing tools
· NEW - Body editor : body tune filters to slim face and body
· Body Shape editor to photoshop your body into a slim body, taller legs
· Skinny app to perfect and retouch your body on your picture
· NEW - Celebrity match , more matches added and more accuracy
· Accurate celebrity look alike test and resemblance ratio
· Learn which celebrity shares your Birthday
· Find out the celebrity who has the same BMI with you
· Amazing photo editor filters
· Remove background from your photos
· Change background of your pictues
· Remove Blemish, acne scars and etc...
· Whiten your teeth
· Blur your photos
· Erase unwanted objects on pictures
· Apply best and trend photo editor effects
· Snap fantastic selfies with selfie editor
· Apply facetune effects, beauty filters
· Beauty camera and selfie camera for your selfies
· Compare with celebrity by your gender
· Celebrity face recognition and matching
· Musicians, actors, politicians, sportsmen, social media phenomenons and more.
· Pretty Good Accuracy
· You can share the results if you like the match.
· You are able to search same or opposite gender
· No hidden Purchases
· Super Easy to handle the App
· Feel free to rate and share the app

The new feature of collage maker photo editor allows you to create amazing photo collage from your best photos, assemble them in a photo grid of your choice and share them on social media.

This collage maker is one of the best collage apps out there, with different collage options, photo grid styles, layout and canvas, you can be sure that your photo collage will stand out!

The other new feature is the Body shape editor. We know about photo editors that retouch the face but this body editor retouches the body, it’s a kind of body photoshop in an easy way, a body tune !

If you’re wondering: what photo editing app can perfect me and retouch me not only my face but also my body, make me skinnier and taller ? wonder no more, this skinny app is the solution.

For a slim face and body, this body shape editor can surprise you on too many levels. But also when it comes to celebrity match face apps, this celebrity look-alike app will answer this kind of questions that you have: Which celebrity looks like me? Who is my celebrity look-alike ?

It is simple, fast and fun - using real face recognition technology to analyze your face, the app shows you your top celebrity match with similarity percentage.

Apply fantastic and cool effects, filters, facetune effects, with Selfie Editor and Photo Editor features like blemish remove, remove background, blur, change background, collage, auto- crop etc...

Find your famous twin, compare with celebrity birth date, BMI... You may be surprised when you find your celebrity twin or doppelganger.

Find what celebrity you look like and compare your picture to many famous celebrities to find your best match. So, the best doppelganger is the most matching.

Compare your BMI, birthday with celebrities in seconds and find your celeb double body wise with Face Match: Celebrity Look-Alike, Celebs Like Me App.

App Summary:

You can run Face Match: Celebrity Look-Alike, Photo Editor, AI on Android operating systems. Face Match: Celebrity Look-Alike, Photo Editor, AI is an app developed by Atay Mobiles and it is listed in the category. Face Match: Celebrity Look-Alike, Photo Editor, AI is a free app and it is fully functional for an unlimited time although there may be other versions of this app.

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