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A scientific and engineering, math, statistics and graphing tool..
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Math Mechanixs is listed in Teaching & Training Tools category and made available by Math Mechanixs, LLC. for Windows.

A scientific and engineering, math, statistics and graphing tool.

Math Mechanixs is a FREE and easy to use scientific and engineering math software program. (FREE registration is required after 30 days of usage). Math Mechanixs has an integrated Scientific Calculator and Math Editor that allows the you to compute complex functions and expressions while keeping detailed notes on your work. You can save your worksheet and share it with others. Math Mechanixs also includes a comprehensive and extendable function library with over 280 predefined functions. There are 91 advanced statistical functions including a complete set of random number generators and continuous distribution functions following a variety of statistical distributions. The function library is also extendable allowing you to create your own functions and categories. The function library is even more powerful when combined with our unique function solver, which provides a quick and easy way to solve any function. Math Mechanixs includes the ability to graph data on your computers display. You can save and export the graph data to other applications as well. You can create numerous types of beautiful 2D and 3D graphs from functions or data points, including histograms and pareto charts. You can custom label your graphs, add point labels, zoom, rotate and translate your graphs. There is a root finding utility for finding real and complex roots of polynomials. Math Mechanixs has a calculus utility for performing single, double and triple integration and differentiation plus a curve fitting utility for data modeling using an nth order polynomial. A matrix utility allows you to perform matrix mathematics plus solve sets of linear algebraic equations. There is also an integrated context sensitive help system with numerous tutorials in .wmv file format which will significantly reduce the time it takes to learn Math Mechanixs.

Software Summary

You can run Math Mechanixs on all modern Windows OS operating systems. Math Mechanixs is a software product developed by Math Mechanixs, LLC. and it is listed in Education category under Teaching & Training Tools. Math Mechanixs is licensed as Shareware which means that software product is provided as a free download to users but it may be limited in functionality or be time-limited. You may need to pay at some moment to continue using product or to use all functionalities. Math Mechanixs was last time updated on Apr 29th, 2011 to version .

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Math Mechanixs Change info
Minor release which fixes a couple bugs and adds a few new features. New features include, ability to compute in fractions in the Math Editor and the Matrix Utility, a new cell summary control in the Matrix Utility, and a new ML tool bar button to display the last computed value in the Math Editor.
Math Mechanixs Requirements
Pentium 233 MHz , 64 MB RAM, 52 MB hard drive space
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Math Mechanixs awards
Math Mechanixs awards
Math Mechanixs Apr. 29, 2011