UpWord Search
UpWord Search 1.32.2 for iOS
Crazy Word Search Puzzles!
Do you love word searches, but youve been wanting to add a little excitement? Maybe you were hoping someone would add a modern spin on this timeless game. Well youre in luck, because we were too! So we locked ourselves in a room, brainstormed for hours, then threw tradition out the window and changed it up a bit to create the next generation of word search games. We took the customary word search format that you have experienced on other word search apps, but we added a new twist to it for even more challenging word game fun! The UpWord Search app features dozens and dozens of wide ranging categories to provide you with endless hours of searching fun. We added varying levels of difficulty so you can start simple, build your confidence, then push yourself and see how good you really are. Dont worry, the same old-fashioned rules youre used to still apply - you can find words up, down, left, right, diagonal, and even backwards. However, you better be quick, because in THIS word search game everything scrolls continuously upward! Test your skills as you quickly scour the screen for hidden words and highlight them all before they disappear off the screen. Explore different game modes and unlock new categories as you hone your abilities. With thousands of words across heaps of categories, we think youll agree that UpWord Search is the newest game youre going to be addicted to!Download UpWord Search today and fall in love all over again with word searches!

Game Summary:

You can run UpWord Search on iOS operating systems. UpWord Search is a game developed by Conversion and it is listed in the category. UpWord Search is a free game and it is fully functional for an unlimited time although there may be other versions of this game.

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