Best VPN for Android 2020
Marko Jovanovic Jan 27th, 2020
Best VPN for Android 2020

VPN usage has grown extensively in the last few years. They have quickly become one of the most popular services for a variety of reasons. From cybersecurity to entertainment, there are different reasons for which people use VPNs these days. However, since the demand has risen to such an extent, the supply has gone up too. There are hundreds of options available on the marketplace these days and it is hard to pick the best one from among these. 
Today, we are going to discuss what features the best Android VPN should have and then pick out a VPN that fits the bill perfectly. Before we begin, it is important to establish how a VPN works and why it has become so important while browsing online these days.

The Best VPN for Android 

The Best VPN for Android is a subjective term because the term can have a different definition for each individual. One application that we’ve found to check all the boxes is Ivacy. With 1000+ servers in 100+ locations and 55 countries it is adequately covered. It offers 256-bit end-to-end encryption, a strict zero logging policy, affordable prices and a host of miscellaneous features. 
For more information on Ivacy, you can visit their website and even subscribe for it online. 

What does a VPN do?

A VPN or Virtual Private Network masks user IP addresses while making the data traffic anonymous. Simply put, a VPN acts as a barrier between users and the elements that they face cyberthreats from. These programs work by changing the route that data would usually take to get to the servers of a website. Normally, when you access the internet, a request is sent from your device first to the ISP and then to the website which you wanted to visit. 

The Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can regulate the internet as they like. They keep logs of user activity and use this information however the like. With a VPN, the ISP is taken out of the loop by sending the user requests first to a secure server and then along the original route. The VPN server masks the user IP address with another one to protect their identity. 
What to look for in a good VPN?

The thing is that you are trusting a VPN with data that you are protecting from the ISP. This means that you have to pick a service that you know is credible. This should be the first factor to consider when picking a VPN. How you determine this can depend. User reviews, third party ratings, recommendations from close friends and market reputation are some of the factors that can help you determine whether or not a program is worth it. 
Here are some of the other features to look for:


VPN services have hundreds of servers spread across the world. Each server has a specific number of IP addresses associated with it. The more servers a VPN has, the greater internet freedom it can offer. More servers are also a indicator for more security in terms of browsing the internet because hackers can have a hard time pinpointing user locations. This is why it is important to check how many servers a VPN is offering. 


There can be a strong debate between speed and security features. At the end of the day it depends on the preference of users who are the buying the service and what is their primary focus. The speeds that a VPN offers can vary across different servers. This can, at times, hinder the streaming or flow of download that the service is offering. Slow internet is a huge inconvenience so speed is another thing to bear in mind when picking a VPN. 

Encryption and other cybersecurity features

Some of the leading VPNs offer state-of-the-art encryption services as well as other safety features. These include advanced cybersecurity protocols and public Wi-Fi security. Since cybercrime has become such a big threat these features form an integral part of secure internet browsing. Without these elements, online privacy can be compromised quite easily. The minimum acceptable encryption level should be 256-bit with additional protocols to support it. 


A VPN for personal users or even businesses is an investment and although it is crucial, it shouldn’t be exceptionally expensive. VPNs are usually quite affordable with even greater discounts if you purchase long-term plans. Price is another important factor in picking a VPN because it can make or break a deal. Also, while on the subject of price, the free ones are not always the best choice because they are not very reliable because of the business model they follow. 

Miscellaneous features

There are other options too which make a VPN special and that you can expect from a VPN. These include unrestricted internet access, unlimited bandwidth, no logging policy, ability to defeat ISP throttling, IPv6 protection and other elements that may be included in the package. All these together make for an effective VPN that can perform all the necessary functions appropriately.