18 Clipboard Managers for Windows to Boost Productivity
Marko Jovanovic Dec 28th, 2021
Increase your productivity in seconds with an all-in-one clipboard manager for Windows. Instantly copy text, images, or files. Capture screens, gifs, or even videos, and these are just a few of the features included in our list of clipboard managers for Windows.

We've all accidentally deleted a Word document we've been working on for hours. We've all copied tens of thousands of words and pasted them to avoid wasting time re-typing the same words and phrases.

Clipboard managers for Windows PC are designed to help simplify and make writing and editing tasks quicker, so if you're looking for one, we've compiled a list of 18 Clipboard Managers into three categories:

  • Best Overall – ClipClip
  • Best Free Clipboard Manager – Clip Angel
  • Best Paid Clipboard Manager – Comfort Clipboard Pro
  • Best Basic Clipboard Manager – OrangeNote

10 Free Clipboard Managers

The best free clipboard managers offer a simple introduction to how these programs work. Specific tools, especially ClipClip, Clip Angel, or Ditto, are so refined (while being free) that they are in the same league as most premium options. Let's take a look at the best free clipboard management software.


For several reasons, the best clipboard manager, irrespective of category, purpose, and price, is ClipClip. First and foremost, its intuitive interface makes it one of the simplest clipboard managers for Windows. Its Paste Menu is versatile, allowing users to set up personalized shortcut keys to navigate multiple file-formats, create custom groups, and access all saved clips through the quick menu.

Simple integrations with Google Drive and Dropbox make ClipClip remarkably practical, extending its practicality and usefulness across some of the most dominant platforms. It's an excellent choice for teachers, designers, programmers, and it's arguably even more useful for content writers, editors, journalists, and students.

Some of ClipClip's most prominent features are the capability to snap screenshot copies, capture video, clipboard syncing, and an easy-to-use UI that just works.

ClipClip is an all-in-one solution that offers significant enhancements and features over alternative clipboard software.

ClipClip File Details

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Clipboard Master

Clipboard Master is a versatile multi-clipboard tool that is among the more popular choices among editors and students due to its storing up to ten thousand entries at a time. Clipboard Master offers numerous text templates, customizable keyboard shortcuts, copy screenshots, and the proprietary Flexikeys directory.

Clipboard Master is free to use and download, it's available in multiple languages, and its user interface is tailored to match the preferences of most Windows OS users. As a feature-packed tool with an exceptional searchable and editable history. Clipboard Master is among the finest options for Windows.

Clipboard Master File Details:


Ditto's clipboard manager is widely recognized as one of the most versatile clipboard manager tools available for Windows. Users can quickly and easily save clips, take snapshots, and rapidly access previous entries on a practical UI via the onboard search function.

One of its most prominent features is clipboard syncing, although professionals who've used it praise its exemplary encryption and customizability. Ditto offers comprehensive Unicode support and supports UTF-8 language files. As a free clipboard manager tool, its value is tremendous. Satisfied users can support the brand by donating (in either fiat or cryptocurrencies), although all features are entirely free from the get-go.

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Clip Angel

What distinguishes Clip Angel from other free clipboard managers for Windows is its straightforward password manager functionalities.

One of the most significant advantages Clip Angel offers to its users is its smart clipboard history mechanism. The tool supports text, HTML, RTF, and image files, multiple convenient Copy & Paste commands, filters, and it has the ability to recognize 'hot' words and phrases. It also sports numerous 'switch' commands and hotkeys that can be used to simplify any content writing or editing process on a whim.

Clip Angel's clipboard history functionality catalogs the user's clipboard entries and allows overview and easy access of files with a click of a button. It's as easy to use as the rest of the clipboard manager's features and separates Clip Angel from similar free clipboard managers. 

Although there are a few easier and simpler tools available for free download, Clip Angel is certainly unparalleled when it comes to clipboard history management.

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Clippy is pretty basic, simple to use, and equipped with decently intuitive features with simple functionality and all the major features covered. Its UI is of decent size and provides a clear overview of clips, and its functions are self-explanatory and easy to master. Clippy is ideal for journalists, editors, and writers who've just entered the scene with an almost flat learning curve. It's free to use and download, although there are more versatile programs in the category.

Clippy offers limited benefits to more experienced editors and professionals, especially people who need to save clips in bulk as beginner-friendly software. However, it's a lightweight clipboard manager with a formidable arsenal of features and tools.

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PasteCopy.NET is a free tool that allows you to quickly copy text and image files or URLs to your clipboard. It also stores clipboard data and categorizes entries for easy access. Although it's relatively easy to use, some have described its mode of operation as 'clunky.' Namely, navigating the default directories can be a pain until you remember all the avenues, drop-down menus, and options the program has to offer.

Fortunately, it's a customizable clipboard manager that saves clipboard contents and converts them to files. Most free options have more features, although the select few that PasteCopy.NET is outfitted with are of exemplary quality.

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A versatile yet straightforward clipboard manager tool, ClipX offers quite a few features that are not as common in the field of free clipboard management tools. In addition to allowing users to copy text, file, or image entries, it also presents a solution to copy entire folders to a clipboard.

It's highly customizable and fairly easy to configure, and it overrides your system's basic 'paste' function. Given that it supports hotkeys, ClipX can be set up to be even more straightforward and rewarding once a few tweaks have been made.

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Among all of the options for Windows, MemoClip is recognized as one of the finest. It's remarkably plain in terms of its UI, and it extends its usefulness to more experienced writers, journalists, and editors as it is perfect for multitasking. Despite being simple, its ability to copy several text entries simultaneously is quite handy in pretty much all scenarios.

It pales compared to ClipClip, though, as it doesn't support cross-platform functionalities, Google Drive synchronization, and Unicode. Even so, it's a valuable alternative for beginners who are using slightly older versions of Windows OS.

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AgataSoft Clipboard Manager

AgataSoft's Clipboard Manager is a straightforward tool that is not as versatile as some of the programs we've listed so far. Its main highlight is the abundance of templates and forms in which you can insert desired content and use it for bulk essays, articles, or posts.

As a standard clipboard manager, AgataSoft's tool sports multiple features that an average clipboard manager software should have, including simplified copying commands, decent customizability, and reasonably large storage of copied content.

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5 Basic Clipboard Managers

Whether software is free to use or not, most people want a clipboard manager that is easy to use. Basic options were designed to be precisely that, so let's take a look at the best programs the current market has to offer:

Orange Note

Orange Note is a WPF-based clipboard manager that offers unlimited text clippings in the database, various quick-search functions, customizable hotkeys, and probably the best-functioning auto-save feature among free clipboard managers made by the brand's peers.

The base edition is free for indefinite use, and users who wish to gain access to more powerful features can upgrade to the Pro variant for a symbolic price. One of the best things about this clipboard manager tool is that the company that made it is fast-growing and working on numerous new features and functionalities. As it is, it's already one of the finer managers and is highly recommended by hundreds.

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CLCL Clipboard Manager

CLCL supports virtually all Windows versions (from XP to 11). It offers numerous customization options in both menu and available templates, and it's remarkably easy to master. This clipboard manager is lightweight, practical, and available in multiple language formats for free. 

The main drawback of CLCL is that you may not like its default setup. However, nearly all aspects can be configured and changed on the fly. 

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Copy Recorder

Despite being quite basic, Clipboard Recorder is a versatile tool and a powerful option compared to other clipboard managers. The main window is equipped with several excellent features, including screen capture, copy recorder, time reminder, and the exquisite verification mark that serves as another reminder that copied content is actually stored in its library.

With a wonderfully designed user interface, a clear catalog of directories, paste text features, and auto-categorization, it's specifically designed for beginners, although it offers many benefits to more experienced writers, editors, and grad students. Its main drawback is that it doesn't support Windows 11 currently.

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People using the latest versions of Windows OS can find value in using Clipdiary. It's a robust, simple clipboard manager that offers a fully customizable UI, and it can grab both clips and snippets; additionally, it allows for simple categorization of all sections.

There are a few pitfalls that you should know about, though. First, unlike free options, Clipdiary offers a free trial download for up to sixty days. It can be used for businesses as well, for as long as the company doesn't breach the revenue cap defined in the program's terms of use. In a nutshell, there are workarounds for each obstacle Clipdiary presents, and it's an excellent, professional tool for those who don't mind spending a few minutes to set it up properly.

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1Clipboard is immensely popular for several reasons. First and foremost, its UI is absolutely beautiful, and more importantly, focused on practical elements. It keeps track of the latest entries on an integrated history feature and allows users to highlight favorite content pieces for quick access. 

It's built using open-source technologies and is rapidly growing. Even in its current state, 1Clipboard offers compelling features and an exemplary level of versatility.

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3 Paid Clipboard Managers

While free clipboard managers get the job done, paid clipboard management programs will provide you with the most robust, most eclectic features and save you hours each day. These are the three most distinguished paid clipboard tools:

Comfort Clipboard Pro

The base Comfort Clipboard software is free to use, but the CC Pro is widely acclaimed as one of the best-paid clipboard managers on the current market. This program supports a wide variety of formats and offers unprecedented reliability and a well-designed clipboard history function.

The user interface of the paid Comfort Clipboard Pro version is fully customizable and covers a tremendous number of different metrics. Unlike most clipboard managers labeled as 'highly customizable', this program allows users to assign hotkeys with different background colors in addition to different key combinations and names thereof.

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ClipMate is all but new to the market. The current version is 7.5, and ever since it was launched, the company has been committed to customer feedback to make it the most powerful clipboard manager available.

The clipboard manager tools equipped with this program include a robust, searchable database that can store thousands of different clips, the proprietary advanced paste feature, easy integration with most Windows operating systems, exceptional re-formatting functions, the spellchecker feature, and more.

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​​​​Clipboard Fusion

Clipboard Fusion boasts an incredible level of versatility; it allows users to replace the original clipboard text, remove clipboard formats, add custom hotkeys and macros, and customize various triggers. It also offers excellent integration options, although users need to set up an account with Binary Fortress to use this feature. Overall, it's worth considering as a premium paid clipboard manager.

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Powerful Clipboard Manager Features

Clipboard Syncing

This feature is sometimes called 'cross-platform functionality.' This feature allows users to use the software's contents across multiple devices, especially those that work on different operating systems.

Permanent Content Saving

The ability to permanently save clipboard content allows you to continue using the same files without digging for old sessions. Simple and practical, permanent content-saving features made some of the most powerful clipboard managers as popular as they are.

Drag & Drop

Keeping your tools organized makes them much easier to use. ClipClip's D&D feature, for example, is one of the best-designed drag and drop functionalities in the clipboard manager app domain.

Intuitive UI

The user interface design largely influences how easy (or difficult) it is to use any program, especially clipboard managers. Essential tools are typically the simplest, most intuitive UI systems.

Multiple Buffers

Clipboard managers only provide the ability to merge, split, or edit clipboard content with multiple buffers. These features save a considerable amount of time for post-editing by a long shot. This is one of the advanced features.

Hotkey Customization

One of the primary purposes of clipboard managers is to simplify the process and save time. Hotkey customization is one of the features supplied to all top-tier clipboard managers, and it serves the same purpose.

Take Away

Each tool is different, and you should pick one according to your needs and preferences. If you are looking for a reliable clipboard manager for windows with excellent features that work out of the box, ClipClip is your best option for 2022.

If you're searching for a powerful clipboard manager with unique features and functionalities to manage clips and various image formats. In that case, any of the three paid options on the list are worth your money. However, I still recommend giving ClipClip a try before diving into paid options.