ClipClip vs Copy 2 Online
Marko Jovanovic Sep 16th, 2022
Many Windows power users, professional writers, photography specialists, and virtually everyone using their PCs for work needlessly waste hours of their precious time on tedious, mundane tasks.

The copy and paste functionality, even with keyboard shortcuts, can rack up an hour of wasted time daily if performed manually. Locating files with the Microsoft Windows inbuilt file explorer often feels like searching for a needle in a haystack. Again, creating and managing folders can ruin an otherwise organized desktop if performed manually. That's where clipboard managers come in.

Clipboard managers are tools that streamline repetitive, time-consuming tasks, help users convert content into other data formats, seamlessly create new folders, manage files, and more. ClipClip and Copy 2 Online (C2O) are considered contenders for the best clipboard manager available. This article compares ClipClip and Copy 2 Only in multiple items, features, benefits, value, and other tools.

ClipClip Clipboard Manager in a Nutshell

ClipClip is a professional clipboard manager designed to help users save time on various computer tasks. It's more than just a clipboard manager, as it is equipped with an integrated OCR app, an easy-to-use screen capture tool, a comprehensive file converter function, and more.

ClipClip's most vital point is versatility. Unlike basic clipboard tools, this program enables users to edit their saved clips, copy and re-copy any clipboard item with custom shortcuts, preview or use them from other devices, edit data entries with unique actions, and manage Windows files.

Those are some of the many reasons it's counted among the best Windows clipboard managers on the market.

Main Features

ClipClip is much more than just a free clipboard manager. Unlike many other clipboard managers in this category, its suite of functionalities is not entirely based on the copy and paste tools; this software allows its users to edit clips after taking them, manage them from a comprehensive clipboard history window, protect their files with passwords and watermarks, and more.

A Complete Clipboard History Window

It is not uncommon for professionals and Windows power users to take dozens, if not hundreds of clipboard entries daily. Finding individual clips is easy with ClipClip, as its comprehensive clipboard history function allows users to pinpoint the location of the desired clip quickly.

The search history functionality embedded in this tool was designed to help users find even the tiniest of snippets instantly. Hovering above the "preview" icon allows users to check each file before using/managing them, saving even more time in the process.

ClipClip's creators have also implemented the Quick Paste Menu functionality. With this tool, you can instantly access your clips by pressing Ctrl + Shift + V.

D&D Interface

The Drag & Drop interface is one of the most highly acclaimed functions of ClipClip. As opposed to tools and apps that require manual input whenever copy and paste functions are used, you can drag taken clips into any folder you want.

This feature enables you to create custom folders to drop the clips into, further streamlining the process.

A Host of Shortcuts and Hotkeys

One of the main purposes of ClipClip is to either automate or reduce the steps the users need to take when performing everyday computer operations. This program offers a broad range of shortcuts, allowing you to access some of its most important tools, the system tray and menu bar.

Its most notable hotkeys include:

  • regular Paste menu
  • Paste menu with simplified formatting
  • Pinned Clips paste menu
  • Actions menu
  • Translate menu
  • screenshots
  • most recent clips
  • using pinned clips
  • enabling the Clipboard Monitor

When it comes to shortcuts, ClipClip offers users the ability to increase/decrease font size, shift between Details and Tiles views, save or pin selected clips, open entries in the Thumbnail Viewer, select, delete, and rename clips or folders.

Editable Image Clips

Capturing, saving, and editing clips often include more than a dozen separate actions; this does not apply to ClipClip, as this program allows users to easily change the desired image clips before saving them.

This app allows users to flip, rotate, and resize their images, adjust their colors, add margins, and even extract text from pictures using the inbuilt optical character recognition (OCR) tool.

Editable Text Clips

The range of performable actions on text clips is even broader, granting users the ability to reformat text-based clips, translate them, analyze, replace anything from characters to words, remove underscores or white spaces, capitalize text, and more.

This software supports plain text, HTML, RTF, and other text file formats. What separates ClipClip from other contemporary clipboard managers is its ability to convert Markdown files to HTML.

Integrated Screen Capture Tool

One of the reasons why ClipClip is considered among the best clipboard managers for Windows is that it features an inbuilt screen capture tool.

This app can capture text, images, video, and GIF clips with the SC tool. Furthermore, screen-captured clips can be edited with appropriate actions (depending on the file type).

ClipClip Pros

  • Easy-to-use Drag & Drop interface
  • Cross-platform compatibility with Google Drive cloud storage provider synchronization
  • Customizable hotkeys and shortcuts
  • High-level folder encryption
  • Can translate text clips with a click of a button
  • A comprehensive text and image editing actions
  • Integrated Screen Capture Tool
  • Onboard OCR and watermarking features
  • ClipClip completely free version available

ClipClip Cons

  • The Paste Menu sometimes doesn't work as intended when multiple screens are used

Read our full ClipClip review for an in-depth guide to this powerful clipboard manager for Windows or download ClipClip and give it a try yourself.

Copy 2 Online in a Nutshell

Copy 2 Online is a premium multi-platform clipboard manager with various innovative features. Its main functions revolve around instant clip-copying features that are accessible whenever, enabling and promoting more efficient multitasking.

C2O is a subscription-based app, but a free version allows users to create up to two sessions, preview the last ten entries in the copy history, and copy-paste up to 100 characters. The paid version is highly affordable; it expands the character limit to 1,000 and removes the limit on copy history entries and sessions.

This software is mainly intended for Windows power users, photographers/videographers, writers, editors, journalists, and people that regularly copy large volumes of data and want to access all duplicated entries from a single platform.

Main Features

Just like ClipClip, Copy 2 Online is more than a clipboard manager. It features a robust suite of statistics-oriented tools, a streamlined search bar, and an innovative clipboard history function.

Unlike ClipClip, this program does not provide tools or features commonly associated with other apps, such as screenshot capture, file conversion, reformatting, clip editing, OCR, etc.

Its main draw is that it is straightforward, especially for beginners and individuals who may not be tech-savvy.

Robust Clip-Copying System

As one of the best SaaS-based clipboard managers available, Copy 2 Online offers a significantly upgraded copy-paste function compared to its Windows counterpart.

With this program, you can copy any text that "weighs" up to a thousand characters (or a hundred if you use the ClipClip completely free version). Since the app runs in the background, you don't need to open it to access this feature.

Replaces Windows Copy Shortcut

Unlike ClipClip, Copy 2 Online does not offer customizable shortcuts and hotkeys; instead, it "upgrades" the Windows copy tool, allowing you to continue using the same shortcut to copy desired entries.

The importance of shortcut familiarity means that users do not have to learn any new ones and can implement this program into their existing workflow without a hitch.

Upgraded Character Copy Limit

Unlike MS Windows's copy function, you can easily manage much larger chunks of text. For example, the character limit for Windows's copying function is 256, while the character limit for C2O is 1,000.

Without a dedicated clipboard manager, power users usually have to copy one paragraph at a time when copying more extensive texts. For editors, proofreaders, and writers, this can consume hours. Copy 2 Online ensured that its users could easily copy the contents of an average-sized book in a few simple clicks.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

The ability to use Copy 2 Online across multiple devices is invaluable for agile writers, researchers, students, and people that rarely get to finish their work in one sitting.

C2O is compatible with Windows, Linux, macOS, and other web platforms. For example, the text you copied on the clipboard while using the program on your desktop can be accessed on your phone; later, you can send edited clips to your tablet or preview them on your laptop.

The flexibility provided by cross-platform compatibility is also beneficial for collaborators since the flow of information is virtually and digitally unobstructed.

Personal Copying Statistics

C2O collects data on all copied data and processes it. By entering the Statistics section, you can easily find out how many data entries you are copying every month or how many clips you make on each given day.

Copy 2 Online Pros

  • Clean user interface
  • Affordable subscription
  • You can copy and paste 1,000-character text clips
  • Streamlined copy history
  • Compatible with various operating systems and mobile devices

Copy 2 Online Cons

  • Minimal versatility
  • The features included in the free version are too basic

Checkout Copy 2 Online cloud-based clipboard manager.

ClipClip vs. Copy 2 Online

The clash of the best clipboard managers is about to commence. Before proclaiming the victor in the ClipClip vs. Copy 2 Online match, we will address their performance, versatility, ease of use, and price, respectively:

Round 1: Performance

The performance of a clipboard manager is gauged by the quality of its ability to copy different types of content.

When it comes to ClipClip vs. Copy 2 Online, the former app is far superior, mainly because it can copy text, image, video, and GIF-based files, while the latter is limited to text exclusively.

Additionally, ClipClip can be used to not only copy but also edit copied data entries with appropriate clip actions.

These "actions" are different for each type of copied data; in a nutshell, ClipClip can translate just like Google Translate, analyze, remove, replace, and capitalize text; extract images from; flip, flip, resize, rotate, and adjust the color of pictures. C2O is limited to copying data.

Round 2: Versatility

The range of applications of software determines its versatility. Since C2O is a dedicated clipboard manager, the second round of ClipClip vs. Copy 2 Online is also straightforward.

In defense of Copy 2 Online, you can use this app to copy enormous bits of text on virtually any device. However, ClipClip features onboard optical character recognition software; it can convert taken clips to different formats; you can create new folders and encrypt them with custom passwords, and more.

The main reason why ClipClip is better-rounded than C2O is that its users do not need to subscribe, download, buy, and use multiple programs to work. With ClipClip, you will not need separate screen capture, converter, folder manager, file protector, and translator tools.

Round 3: Ease of Use

The first round in ClipClip vs. Copy 2 Online match is a tie. While ClipClip is designed to be as simple as possible, it has numerous features; even though self-explanatory, you may need some time to learn where they are located and how they work.

On the opposite end, Copy 2 Online has a modest set of simple features, but its search function is nowhere as streamlined as the ClipClip clipboard manager. You will often have to search for a clip you want to use manually, including copy and paste, copy history, and more.

Round 4: Pricing

The last round of comparing ClipClip and Copy 2 Online goes to ClipClip as the ultimate free clipboard manager for Microsoft Windows. While Copy 2 Online offers a free version with severely limited features, ClipClip is free to use and allows people to benefit from all of its tools without even making an account.

Final Verdict

To conclude the ClipClip vs. Copy 2 Online showdown, let us summarize why ClipClip ultimately won, even though these are both great apps. It is a free clipboard management software equipped with superior features that any Microsoft Windows user can benefit from.

It will help you organize and streamline any settings and details. You're only a double click or a right click away from formatting and pasting how many items you want, images, and apps you want, and it's free to use.

Whether copying, reformatting, editing, or managing clips, ClipClip can save hours of your time while requiring minutes to get accustomed to.

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