ClipClip vs Clipboard Fusion
Marko Jovanovic Jun 16th, 2022
We have created a comparison of the Clipboard Fusion and the ClipClip clipboard manager article to highlight their main features, similarities, differences, and the most notable benefits and drawbacks. Without any further ado, let’s dissect Clipboard Fusion and ClipClip before jumping to more details. 

Clipboard manager programs increase productivity and simplify many time-consuming tasks. However, each software is different. Some programs are easier to use, some support an extended list of formats, and some are packed with advanced tools that are game-changers for power users.

Some clipboard manager programs offer all of these benefits. ClipClip and Clipboard Fusion are premium-quality clipboard manager programs engineered to make various content writing, editing, and creating tasks more straightforward and faster.

Clipboard Fusion

Clipboard Fusion is a robust Windows clipboard manager equipped with advanced features, allowing users to change or remove formatting, replace text, assign hotkeys, create folders, and manage nearly all aspects of taken, pinned, or saved clips. 

The main functions of this program are free. At the same time, the company offers a range of upgrades to users that upgrade to the Pro version, including updated triggers, a more detailed history tab, various online integrations, and a suite of clipboard syncing tools. 

Main Features of the Clipboard Manager

Clipboard Fusion is supplied with numerous advanced clipboard manager tools and functions that are flexible enough to cater to the needs of both casual and power users. 

Its core features include retention, saving, and pinning clipboard contents on a local drive, macros, and a thoroughly encrypted database. 

Clipboard Preview

One of the most convenient features of Clipboard Fusion is the preview. Images, screenshots, print-screen photos, HTML color codes, and both formatted and unformatted clipboard text can be previewed before use. 


Triggers are advanced, automated tools that can be deeply customized to streamline clip creation and management further. Numerous commands (as well as strings of multiple commands) that serve different purposes can be assigned to a trigger, including removing HTML tags, sound cues, notifications, whitespaces, and more.

The versatility of trigger commands is relatively limited for people using the free edition of Clipboard Fusion. Running automated triggers (when the app starts, whenever a new entry is added, specific timers, and such) can only be done on Pro Standard and higher premium accounts. 

Customizable Hotkeys 

Some of the most advanced features of Clipboard Fusion are customizable hotkeys – shortcuts that users can change at their leisure. 

Many hotkeys are available in the free software version, although actions such as Toggle Clipboard Syncing, Automatic Clipboard Syncing, and a range of online menu-based functions are only available in the premium version. 

Users can activate the macros via shortcuts and previews of nearly all Clipboard Fusion elements as popup windows. 

Clipboard Syncing

Clipboard Syncing is the only group of features exclusive to Pro Standard (and higher) users. It extends the usability of Clipboard Fusion features and functions to other devices. 

Integrations with the Chrome browser, mobile, and desktop apps, are available in all Clipboard Fusion Pro versions. 

Who is it for

Clipboard Fusion is ideally suited for professionals searching for workflow-boosting tools. Although it is primarily free clipboard management software, its premium features are better suited for expert content writers, photographers, bloggers, and editors.

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ClipClip is a free Windows clipboard management software widely regarded as one of the best-rounded programs for data handling, capturing, and editing. Read the full ClipClip Review for an in-depth breakdown of features and capabilities.

It is straightforward to use, offering a concise user interface with plenty of helping tools. Still, more importantly, it is more than versatile enough to tackle some of the biggest challenges content writers, content editors, and photo & videographers face daily – handling, storing, using, and editing data with a click of a button. 

Main Features of the ClipClip Clipboard Manager

The leading group of features of ClipClip revolves around its clipboard management tools. With a straightforward drag & drop design coupled with customizable hotkeys and deep encryption, encrypted folders, and innumerable clip-editing functions, ClipClip is far more than just a clipboard management tool. 

Clipboard Management Features

In ClipClip, users can store clips in multiple ways, selecting the desired criteria for an automated clip sorting experience or manually. The Paste menu is refined, presenting users with an ability to access all clips; additionally, ClipClip’s search history provides a clear overview of snippets taken in past sessions. 

All clips taken with this software can be translated, filtered by type, and previewed by hovering above them. Clips are automatically sorted on the dashboard as soon as they are made while users can also pin or save clips they may want to use in a different session.

Customizable Hotkeys

Many tools and functions of ClipClip already feature their own dedicated hotkeys, which users can easily change with a few simple clicks. 

Screen Capture Tool

ClipClip can be used to capture video clips and GIFs, capture images or text from the screen, as well as extract text from images with the built-in optical character recognition tool. Additionally, numerous actions can be applied to clips taken with SCT (add watermark, send to Imgur, etc.)

Clipboard Text Actions

The array of different clipboard text actions that users can perform encompasses changing the format of a clip, translating it to a different language, capitalizing, removing, or replacing text, analyzing individual sections, decoding/encoding, sending to e-mail, Pastebin, social media networks, and more. 

Image Actions

With ClipClip, users can adjust the color of their image clips, flip, rotate, resize, or blur any image, add margins and watermarks to them, and use the built-in image editor to enhance them further. 

Who is it for

With an almost indefinite number of potential use cases, ClipClip is a perfect tool for anyone who wants to interact with digital information, whether online or offline, in the most streamlined fashion possible.

It was built for people that want to save time and boost productivity, but more importantly, it was designed for power users that are searching for an all-in-one app that could capture and edit data seamlessly. 

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Clip Fusion vs ClipClip Comparison 

ClipClip is vastly different from Clip Fusion, and this section is dedicated to providing a detailed comparison of the two programs. 

App Intuitiveness 

Both Clip Fusion and ClipClip are decently easy to use. Although Clip Fusion doesn’t possess as many features as ClipClip, the latter features a cleaner, more streamlined UI, meaning that an average user that has never tried the program before would be able to interact with it naturally. 


The configurable macros and triggers are some of Clip Fusion’s most exquisite features, but the versatility of this software pales in comparison to ClipClip. 

As one of the most advanced managers, ClipClip also offers a built-in OCR tool; it can convert Markdown files to HTML; it can be used as a screen-capturing tool, and it possesses a range of top-quality editing functions. 

Versatility is one of the strongest points for both Clip Fusion and ClipClip. However, ClipClip performs better in this field, providing users with substantially more flexibility and an expanded list of features without inhibiting the program’s ease of use. 

Learning Curve

Any program designed to improve workflow should be easy to learn. Some apps, like Clip Angel, for example, are supplied with certain features that are more complex; an average person may need a few weeks before learning how its core mechanisms work.

Microsoft Word, on the other hand, is one of the simplest apps that most people could learn how to use in minutes. As for ClipClip and Clip Fusion, both of these programs are thoroughly streamlined and remarkably easy to master. 


ClipClip is a free clipboard management software, while Clip Fusion offers a free version with limited features. 

Clip Fusion Pros

●       It’s fairly easy to learn how its basic functions work

●       Customizable macros and shortcuts drastically boost the flexibility of clip-taking and editing

●       Both inbound and outbound files are protected by a deep encryption 

●       Triggers offer an additional way of using automated functions and commands in Clip Fusion

●       A portable version is available 

Clip Fusion Cons

●       Minimal versatility in terms of image-based clip editing

●       Some of its features are only available in paid versions

ClipClip Pros

●       One of the best-rounded workflow-boosting programs on the current market

●       Remarkably easy to learn

●       Powerful OCR and watermarking tools 

●       Numerous text and image-based clip actions 

●       Completely free to use

●       Syncs with Google Drive Docs and MS Word

ClipClip Cons

●       The only downside of ClipClip is that users can’t assign shortcuts to certain features (e-mail sending, for instance)


Although both Clip Fusion and ClipClip are excellent management programs, ClipClip is superior on several counts. It is better-rounded and more intuitive to use; it is equipped with stronger features, but most importantly, it is free to use. 

Clip Fusion is an excellent program for users that know exactly what they want from a clipboard contents manager app. ClipClip, on the other hand, is better suited for people that are searching for software that can tackle heavy clip editing as well.

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