ClipClip vs ScreenClip
Marko Jovanovic Jun 22nd, 2022
Although they are different, they share several similarities between each other and stand on even ground across several fields of performance. In this review guide, we will dive deep into the features, benefits, and potential drawbacks of ClipClip and ScreenClip, so let’s start from the top.

If you are a professional in search of the best tools to boost your workflow, the chances are that you’ve seen at least a few reviews of ClipClip and ScreenClip. The former is the industry-leading clipboard organizer while the latter is one of the most comprehensive screenshot snapping apps available. 

What is ClipClip?

ClipClip is a free clipboard management tool equipped with an array of advanced features and functions to edit, organize, paste, and search your folders, clips, videos, images, and more. Backed by innumerable positive reviews on reputable reviewing platforms, it’s among the most downloaded workflow-boosting freeware on the current market. 

Unlike dedicated clipboard organizer programs, ClipClip boasts a multitude of other tools that were introduced to help users completely streamline their workflow and get as much work done with a single app. 

Notable Features

One of the main reasons why ClipClip is counted among the most popular clipboard organizer apps is its outstanding versatility. This software is equipped with numerous premium-quality features. It was designed to help users create, locate, store, and use clips seamlessly, adding them through various images- and text-based actions. 

Image Clip Actions 

ClipClip allows users to copy and paste photos and images-based clips, as well as take screenshots. The Contour Detection algorithm automatically detects different shapes and makes capturing images simple. 

Additionally, ClipClip presents its users with an advanced OCR tool, which can be used to extract text from images. Some of the most notable images-related clip actions in ClipClip revolve around color and size adjustments. Users can also apply watermarks or add margins to all images. 

Text Clip Actions

Originally designed as a dedicated clipboard organizer program, ClipClip offers a host of unique text-based editing tools and functions for clips. Its main purpose is to streamline the copy-paste process. The clipboard action section is on par with what ClipClip offers in the images department, whether you are looking to edit, snap, search, or more.

After creating and storing text clips, users can translate its text to any of the supported languages; analyze the word or character count; replace characters, words, or symbols with other text/characters; remove underscores or white spaces; capitalize text in a number of ways; sort, shuffle, or reverse text, and more. 

Clip Submission 

ClipClip offers users the ability to share their clips and files with a click of a button. Whether it be sending clips to email for collaborators or colleagues to work on, or to social media networks, ClipClip can do it. An icon group for relevant features regarding submission of clips are clearly highlighted within the app. 

While using features for submitting clips, ClipClip users do not need to exit the app or launch separate apps, such as opening their email, for example. 

Video Clip Capture

ClipClip can be used to organize and edit or paste clips of videos and GIFs. By using the Screen Capture Tool, users can record full-length videos, short clips, as well as any film-based information and convert it into a clip. Users can send captured clips and screenshots to default folders or specify a different location or title by clicking the ‘create folder’ icon. 

Who is it for?

ClipClip is well suited for both private and professional use. Users can quickly copy and paste clips, as well as access them within seconds. This clipboard tool is easy to search through, paste, and organize, whether through title or any other option.

Its shallow learning curve is not reflective of how many features it is supplied with; this program is ideal for entrepreneur content writers, professional content editors, journalists, photo & videographers, and anyone wishing to organize and save as much time as possible while performing their daily tasks on a computer. 


  • Invaluable to people who demand a thoroughly organized desktop workspace
  • Simplified copy-paste functions with customizable hotkeys to paste and organize your search
  • Captures images, texts, and videos with ease
  • One of the most versatile apps on the current market
  • Perfectly suited for private and professional use
  • Numerous features and functions outside of the clipboard management and search sphere
  • Free to use


  • Every icon is a bit small

Try ClipClip today or read our full ClipClip review for an in-depth breakdown of this popular software.

What is ScreenClip?

ScreenClip is a screenshot capturing tool designed as a browser extension. It doesn’t require any installation; users can grab the ScreenClip extension on the Chrome Web Store for free. 

It’s easy to use and decently versatile for a web screen capture app, and its creators are constantly working on improving it with updates and patches. The app itself is a considerable upgrade from the previous version called Clipular. It should be mentioned that Clipular still exists and can be used but no longer receives support or new features.

Notable Features

ScreenClip’s features are aimed at simplifying the process of taking screenshot images. Some of its main features include the free-selection screenshot capture, Google Drive sync, advanced element detection, named URLs, and a variety of commenting tools.

Drag & Drop Screenshots

When the extension is enabled, users can snap detailed custom screenshots anywhere on the web. The free selection tool can be used to draw rectangular shapes of any size by pressing Ctrl + Alt and holding the left click button on the mouse; by letting the button go, the screenshot is captured and stored in the browser.

Customizable Screenshot Window

The ctrl + alt combination is used to enter the screenshot mode. After creating a free-form screenshot window, its dimensions can be customized by click-holding its edges and dragging them in the desired direction.

Screenshot Editing Tools

Several screenshot editing tools exist in Screenclip, including pen, arrows/lines, several shapes, and blur. These features can be used to highlight some aspects of the screenshot or to blur unwanted elements from it.

Commenting Tools

You can place the text anywhere within the screenshot. Simple text editing functions are available to customize the content, including text size and font style, while several actions can be applied, including bold, thin, and normal.

Who is it for?

ScreenClip is best suited for simple content-based tasks. It was designed to be as simple to use as possible, although its versatility is minimal in turn. The upgraded ScreenClip version is slightly more versatile but still geared towards helping users complete the same circle of tasks.


  • ScreenClip is remarkably easy to use
  • ScreenClip captures images, texts, and diagrams
  • Users can highlight important parts with colored arrows and circles, or by placing text notes
  • Perfectly suited for journalists and PR experts that typically need dozens of screenshots daily
  • Free to use
  • Clearly visible icon for every function


  • The clips’ destination is always the user’s desktop
  • Can’t create and paste custom folders by title

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ClipClip vs ScreenClip Comparison

The leading clipboard organizer versus a streamlined screenshot capturing freeware. Although ClipClip and ScreenClip are distinctly different programs, they excel at what they do. This segment is dedicated to determining which app is better, and in which field:

Round 1: Use Cases

ClipClip is a well-rounded clipboard organizer, while ScreenClip is a simple online screenshot capturing tool.

The former is held in high regard by numerous professional content writers, journalists, photographers, writers, programmers, teachers, and designers; ScreenClip is better suited for private use, although journalists and writers tend to favor it the most. 

Round 2: Workflow Boosting Potential

In other words, how much time can a person save by using the ClipClip clipboard organizer and ScreenClip web screenshot extension? Let’s review the clipboard tools. 

ClipClip has the potential to half the amount of time required for any task, as it doubles as a data organizer, replaces the copy-paste function with streamlined shortcuts, features built-in Markdown to HTML and OCR tools, and more.

ScreenClip is inferior but still a remarkably capable program for writers, editors, and programmers that need to take quick snapshots and use them immediately. 

Many users appreciate the mildly improved responsiveness and UI of the latest ScreenClip version, but they do not have a significant impact on the app’s workflow-boosting potential.

Round 3: Performance

The performance of ClipClip is almost incomparable to ScreenClip. ClipClip eliminates the need of using several apps to snap, edit, and use images, videos, and text files, effectively serving as a one-stop-shop for professionals that would otherwise need to rely on multiple programs and waste hours during the process. 

Round 4: Ease of Use

Due to the sheer number of features and tools it is equipped with, ClipClip is slightly more difficult to use than ScreenClip, which is supplied with several modes and a handful of selectable tools. The new ScreenClip version has received a welcome boost of new features and upgraded pre-existing tools, but the app is still straightforward to use.

Round 5: Installation & Updates

ScreenClip does not require installation, but ClipClip’s creators are constantly taking the app to another level by fixing bugs, patching content, and regularly improving existing features. Just paste the icon, and enjoy the ride.

Although ScreenClip may be easier to set up, ClipClip is fully automated and automatically updates whenever a new patch is available. 

Round 6: Price

Both ClipClip and ScreenClip are free clipboard programs, meaning that they are equals in this field. 

Wrap Up

ClipClip offers a more comprehensive solution to data capturing, editing, and using than ScreenClip, although the latter is a drastically simpler, more straightforward program. If you're seeking one of the best power user tools, then ClipClip makes the most sense, otherwise, Screenclip is a quick and easy screenshot tool that works directly from your browser.

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