Geser Codec Pack XP
Geser Codec Pack XP 25.02.16 for Windows
My codec-paAk after simple installation on the computer provides qualitative reproduction of films and music.
This codec pack after a simple installation on your computer provides high-quality movies and music. Use the Start (All Programs -> Geser Codec Pack XP) Blanks for the best quality playback! (Run as root) can remove all the shortcuts in the Start on the desktop and in the Quick Launch for value (need to move the shortcuts to the folder on the desktop). For the best quality, close all other programs and windows except the Media Player Classic, click on the stop button (square), and then to play (triangle). Or better yet, create a shortcut to the movie (or shortcuts songs) on your desktop. To scroll, use no mouse and the keys Ctrl + Right, Ctrl + Left, Alt + Right, Alt + Left. Codec Pack is designed for Windows XP. If someone put this program on Windows Vista / 7 and it stopped working start, he should remove the special patch. To do this you need to run from the desktop shortcut "Remove patch". Attention! If you want the best image quality settings to use my freshly installed Windows and do not put any more video player (like PowerDVD, WinDVD, etc.), as well as foreign codecs too big chance that they will spoil their image quality settings in the registry. Also supports the installation through start following codecs (lower video quality, to run as root): 1. DirectVobSub (subtitles) 2. Haali spliter (needed for. Mkv) 3. x264 encoder 4. XviD encoder 5. Audio encoders (Lame MP3, AC-3 ACM Codec, MPEG Layer3) Were selected the best encoders XviD and x264, and are the best settings for the compression of video files. As a result, a unique three-dimensional (real) image files 1.4 Gb and above. Was chosen the best way to encode CD-audio in mp3 (see FAQ). Benefits of my settings. Fix all the major drawbacks codec pack K-Lite Codec Pack, namely: 1. Installing the best quality codec (codec version: K-Lite Codec Pack 4.7.5 Full). 2. Correcting poor sound due to incorrect settings in AC3Filter codec and ffdshow audio decoder. 3. Correction of poor image quality due to an incorrect entry in the register changes the codec packs (with patches), and codecs for DVD and avi formats. 4. Setting priorities for the correct ones, which provides protection against unauthorized use of randomly installed codecs different programs (Nero, PowerDVD, etc.) Fix all the major drawbacks player Media Player Classic: 1. Choosing the best version for your player Media Player Classic. 2. Correction of incorrect settings, leading to hideous picture and sound quality for a player Media Player Classic. 3. Disabling the registry temporary staffing correction (skips video footage at high load), and the inclusion of graphics alignment after sighting to a keyframe Player Media Player Classic. Guaranteed to give the user a perfect or near-quality video and audio player, Media Player Classic for these formats: 1. avi 2. mp3 3. dvd (VIDEO_TS.IFO) 4. H.264/AVC (avi) 5. CD-Audio (Track##.Cda) 6. SVCD (AVSEQ##.MPG) 7. VCD (AVSEQ##.DAT) 8. ogg 9. mkv Also my settings provide the correct setting of the monitor, which is very often improves the quality of images, and provides the user with possible solutions to the problem of eye fatigue monitor. Also my settings tell how to configure such equipment as speakers, TV, DVD-player, car audio player, mobile phone, which also improves the quality and not weak.

Software Summary:

You can run Geser Codec Pack XP on Windows operating systems. Geser Codec Pack XP is a software product developed by geser111 and it is listed in the category. Geser Codec Pack XP is a free software product and it is fully functional for an unlimited time although there may be other versions of this software product.

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