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Rebons Demo for Windows
Star Legion
Hardcore platformer about geometric figures
Rebons - hardcore platformer about geometric figures. The unique features of each figure make the gameplay special. Pass 3 campaign seasons in a single or co-op mode or play with a friend in a speed competition. Compete with other players in tournaments for the prize skins and trails which, at the end, will be sent to your inventory. You can boast of them in competitive multiplayer or exchange with other players, as well as sell them on the trading platform.Features of the game: - Unique physical characteristics of the figures, each of which has a number of advantages. Use a bunch of two figures to achieve better results. - 3 various offline seasons, unique tournament levels with original design, local competition mode with own maps and rules for two players, competitive levels for multiplayer with unique traps and style. - 20 levels of two difficulty types (easy and hard) multiplied by 3 non-repeating settings - pass the levels, get into the table of leaders and fight for the best time. - Monthly tournaments will give you the opportunity to receive legendary skins and trails for your figures, some of which are animated. Which gives them incredible value. - Equip your figures for each season in the menu of presets, craft new items of a higher rarity from the old unnecessary ones, sort and select the best skins through inventory filters. - Compete with your friend locally in '1 vs 1' mode or pass the levels together in a local co-op. - Compete online against other players, choose figures, wear skins and go into battle on random maps which one-armed bandit will choose. Prove that your skill is better, that your trails and skins cost you. - Create and edit levels through the built-in editor, which allows to upload your own level to the workshop. You can also use your graphics to create maps. - Upload someone else's maps from the Steam Workshop, leave a reviews and ratings to other users, pass their maps and earn prizes just for playing. - We launched the distribution of promo-safes and promo-keys: they drop out just during the game absolutely free of charge - now everyone can afford quality items for nothing. Passing the levels and playing Rebons you will simply get the usual items with a rarity: Common, promo-safes and promo keys. You can choose to save them to yourself, exchange or sell, or even craft a higher rarity items using them. Features of figures: Square - Sticks to the walls. Has a lot of weight, which allows it to drown in the water. Circle - Tricky thing! Being very light, it bounces off the walls and floor, jumps perfectly on the trampolines and floats on the water. Triangle - Creates copies of itself. It is used in combination with another figures. Buy additional copies in the store. Star - Destroys traps at the cost of its own lives, which are limited from 3 to 6. Buy additional lives in the store. Octagon - It has all the features of the square, but it is light and floats on water, and what?s important, overcomes small spikes. Available modes and their maps: Solo seasons: Basic, Pixel, Notebook. Cooperative seasons: Basic, Pixel, Notebook. Competitive maps 1 vs 1: On the line of fire, Of two evils, Training camp. Tournament maps: Halloween, New Year. Workshop: Unlimited reserve made by players from all around the world. Controls in the game! Controls in the editor: . [LMB] - Set object. [RMB] - Delete object. [MMB] - (Wheel) Move object. [CTRL] + [LMB] - Group selection of objects. [MMB] - Group movement (When objects are selected (Wheel)). [MMB] - (+) (-) Zooming in and Zooming out (Wheel) Forward - zoom in, Back - zoom out. [W], [A], [S], [D] - Camera control in the editor. Controls in the level?s menu: [CTRL] - Start level again (Restart level). [SPACE] - Continue (Next level). [ENTER] - Return to the main menu (Home). Controls in the co-op and speed game: First player (W,A,S,D) Second player ( ? ? ? ? )

Game Summary:

You can run Rebons on Windows operating systems. Rebons is a game developed by Star Legion and it is listed in the category. Rebons is licensed as Shareware which means that the game is provided as a free download to users but it may be limited in functionality or be time-limited. You may need to pay at some moment to continue using product or to use all functionalities.

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System Requirements

OS: Windows XP,Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 ,Processor: 1.5+ GHz ,Memory: 512 MB RAM ,Graphics: Intel Core HD Graphics or dedicated GPU with OpenGL 2.0 Support ,Storage: 150 MB available space,

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