Relaxing Rain Sounds -Amayadori
Relaxing Rain Sounds -Amayadori 44 for Android
Would you like to relax to the pitter-patter of rain?
Google Indie Games Festival 2020 Top 20 Awards

Amayadori is an idle game where you watch rain fall in the countryside.

Listening to the rain can help you forget your worries and relax when you'd like to sleep, meditate, focus, or study.

Unlock mini visual novel scenes by spending the points you've earned while idling.

[Recommended For People Who…]
* Love rainy days and the sound of rain.
* Want to forget about the day's stress.
* Want to have a conversation with a cute girl.
* Like idle games.
* Want to listen to a soundtrack featuring piano and guitar.
* Want to brush up on their math skills.

App Summary:

You can run Relaxing Rain Sounds -Amayadori on Android operating systems. Relaxing Rain Sounds -Amayadori is an app developed by NaoYanase and it is listed in the category. Relaxing Rain Sounds -Amayadori is a free app and it is fully functional for an unlimited time although there may be other versions of this app.

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