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Help Santa collect all the presents.
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Rocket Boot Santa 1.4
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Rocket Boot Santa 1.4 is listed in Arcade category and made available by HsRetroGames for Windows.

Help Santa collect all the presents

A mysterious crack of thunder followed by a wicked snow storm is only the beginning in what Santa must overcome to save Christmas! Help Santa retrieve all the presents on 30 challenging levels before the snow gets to deep! Beware of the snowmen! They look all cute and innocent until you get close to them! Destroy them with snowballs before they can attack you! Be sure to keep Santa stocked up on fuel for his rocket boots, if he runs out you can't fly, and you might get stuck on a level! You have to collect as much snowballs as you can, you will need them to break ice blocks that block your path. Santa also has another special ability, he can roll through stone walls! Don't have snowballs or stone or ice blocks are in a impassible place? Stomp on TNT detonators to blast out those impassible or special blocks! Some items, presents or your path may be blocked by gates. Collect keys to switch locked and un-locked gates! Keep an eye open for special treats. Santa can collect Candy Canes, Cookies and Milk for extra points! Bored with the standard levels? Not a problem, Rocket Boot Santa features a level editor to make and play your own levels! Play them right from the editor itself or play through them all in Custom Level Mode! So, what are you waiting for! It's time to rock your keyboard or game pad, get those presents and help Santa save Christmas before its to late!

Game Summary

You can run Rocket Boot Santa 1.4 on all modern Windows OS operating systems. Rocket Boot Santa 1.4 is a game developed by HsRetroGames and it is listed in Games category under Arcade. Rocket Boot Santa 1.4 is a free game and it is fully functional for an unlimited time although there may be other versions of this game. Rocket Boot Santa 1.4 was last time updated on Mar 4th, 2018.

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