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SpamAware 5.1
Browser & Email / Email Anti-Spam
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SpamAware 5.1 is listed in Email Anti-Spam category and made available by JAM Software for Windows.

Spam filter plugin for Outlook and Outlook Express using SpamAssassin as engine.

Everyone owning an email address knows these annoying mails you receive. The number of spam mails running around is continuously increasing so everyone has to spend more time on sorting out good mails from spam. Don't waste time on this let SpamAware do it for you! SpamAware is a plugin for MS-Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail (Vista). It uses SpamAssassin to score new incoming mails and decides based on the settings made in options what to do with the mail. It contacts several spam-server through SpamAssassin to be more efficient. The application is completely functional after installation and gets automatically active on new mails. It supports Black- and Whitelist filtering, Bayes and is able to automatically add all your Outlook contacts and add recipients of mails you write to the Whitelist.

Software Summary

You can run SpamAware 5.1 on all modern Windows OS operating systems. SpamAware 5.1 is a software product developed by JAM Software and it is listed in Browser & Email category under Email Anti-Spam. SpamAware 5.1 is a free software product and it is fully functional for an unlimited time although there may be other versions of this software product. SpamAware 5.1 was last time updated on Nov 28th, 2008 to version 5.1.

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