The Best Personal Finance Apps To Track Spending
Marko Jovanovic Sep 19th, 2019
Learn what are the best 7 Personal Finance Apps To Track Spending

We all know that shopping for something new offers an exciting thrill that’s unmatched by anything else. Whether it’s the smell of new leather or the sheer pleasure of clicking “add to cart”, there’s something exhilarating about spending money. That is, until you go broke.

But hey, it’s hard to keep up with your bank balance when the mannequins in shop windows are calling you by name.

The good news is there are apps you can use to track your spending and get your zeros in order so that you can save more money. Here are some of our favorites, in no particular order: 


1.      Spendee

Let’s face it, financial literacy can be boring and daunting but you don’t have to do it alone. This app allows you to create shared wallets with your pals or your family to ensure that your combined budget remains afloat. A family that budgets together stays together.

The app does all the work for you and even becomes a part of your family by tracking your financial habits. It creates an identity based on your spending patterns and from this it develops a way to help keep your coins on the mark.

There’s also a feature that allows you to create spending categories for big purchases and vacation trips. And in case you’re slacking behind it’ll send you reminders so your bills are always paid up. 


2.      Mint

As the name suggests, mint is the app that soothes all your financial ailments. It gathers all your transactions and neatly compartmentalizes them to keep track of your spending. It even goes the extra mile to creates a budget for you.

Furthermore, the app creates a credit score analysis for your viewing pleasure. This can come in handy when you want to make a big-ticket purchase such as a car or a new TV set.

Mint is scalable and allows syncing of information onto your cellphone calendar or access via your computer. All of the information it provides is up to date and precise.


3.      Personal Capital

A true jack of all trades and master of all, the personal capital app is as personal as it gets. Assets and investments are a very complex matter and the suitability thereof is very subjective.

This app will analyze all your investment opportunities and based on its findings it’ll look for diversification prospects. While many of these opportunities seem too good to be true, Personal Capital is very discerning and can decipher any hidden costs that might trip you up. It also measures your asset portfolio against that of the market to ensure that you’re keeping with the Joneses.


4.      Clarity Money

In the age of Netflix, digital personal assistants and gym memberships it’s difficult to keep up with all the subscriptions you’ve signed up for. Clarity money was created just for that purpose.

The app tracks your subscriptions and helps you cancel ones that are not in use or have become obsolete. If you have anxiety from lagging behind on debit orders Clarity money is able to help you save and ensure that your subscriptions are paid up.


5.      Albert

Albert is your very own uncle in the finance business. The Albert app creates a budget based on who you are. It does this by analyzing your spending habits, expenses and income. The awesome part about this app is its interactive features that allow you to build a personal relationship with financial advisors which is often something people can’t afford.


6.      Pocketguard

This app is for the minimalist, simplistic and on-the-go person who just wants to know their balance in real time with very little fuss. Pocket Guard will help you ask, ‘Do I have enough money in my account to pay for this?’ before you swipe your card for anything. Basically, this app is designed to protect your bank balance, and you can use it to track your numbers from anywhere.


7.      Prism

Prism is your very own personal assistant. It’s basically an app that runs your financial errands for you so that you don’t have to. According to research done by corporate services firm CSB group, this renowned app is accredited with various billing companies.

To ensure that you’re up to date with your payments, Prism comes with a feature that allows you to reserve payments in advance. Now you have no excuses but to pay your bills on time and it’s an easy way to maintain a positive credit score.