How to Cancel YouTube Music Subscription
Marko Jovanovic Feb 17th, 2022
Today, we will talk about YouTube Music's paid subscription, free trial period and how long they last, and how to cancel YouTube Music subscription on PC, Android, iPhone, and iPad devices.

How to Cancel YouTube Music Subscription

YouTube Music is one of the most popular music streaming services that offer more enjoyable, tailored music listening experiences than using the standard (basic) YouTube. 

YouTube Music is just one of the five YouTube music services and packages. Aside from YouTube Music, the brand offers YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium, YouTube TV, and YouTube Kids, all entirely different subscriptions or services. 

1. YouTube Premium - The brand's main paid subscription package. Aside from ad-free videos, subscribers also get to watch and download YouTube videos offline. 

2. YouTube Music - A music streaming service separate from YouTube Premium that features the YouTube Music app. It offers a unique user interface and a comprehensive video listing, allowing users to enjoy clips or videos based on unique recommendations, playlists, or genres. Unlike its premium counterpart, it's free to use. YouTube Music has replaced Google Play Music.

3. YouTube Music Premium – the paid version of YouTube Music. It essentially mirrors the benefits of YouTube Premium (offline download, background play, higher quality audio) to YouTube mobile App. 

4. YouTube TV – Essentially, a form of Live TV subscription that allows users to enjoy live TV, record DVR, browse through dozens of unique channels, and more.

5. YouTube Kids – YouTube Music engineered for children. It's mainly based on streaming videos and clips for kids. Several benefits of YouTube Premium are also present in YouTube Kids' subscription. What is YouTube Music Free Trial?

The basic YouTube app Music subscription is always free, while YouTube Premium and all other YouTube paid memberships are billed monthly on the date when you've first purchased the subscription. 

YouTube Music, in particular, comes with a 1-month free-version trial membership, which allows you to enjoy all of the benefits of the full paid membership package. These benefits include listening to music in the background (even after your screen is locked), ad-free music videos, and music downloads. 

YT subscriptions and paid memberships use the recurring billing model, which means that you will be billed every month until you cancel your YouTube Music subscription. The brand will remind you a week before the trial ends so that you can cancel your YouTube Music Premium membership without paying for anything.

What is YouTube Music Premium Subscription?

YouTube Music Premium is a paid membership service that offers several unique benefits and the usual benefits of a YouTube Music subscription.

No Ads in Videos

The first and most notable benefit is ad-free viewing. Without YouTube Music Premium, most clips on this streaming platform feature ads. Some can be skipped after five seconds, some can't be skipped at all, and on certain occasions, you may encounter double ads back-to-back. 

Background Playback

The second important benefit of the YouTube Music Premium subscription is the Background Play feature. For years, thousands of YouTube users have been very vocal about the need for such a feature, and it was finally introduced in the YouTube Music Premium package. It allows you to keep using your phone or desktop without YouTube being interrupted. 

Downloadable Videos/YouTube Offline

One of the most useful advantages YouTube Music Premium membership offers is legally downloading YouTube videos and watching them at your leisure, even offline. If you cancel your subscription to YT Music Premium, downloading videos from the platform is no longer legal. 

YouTube Originals

YouTube Originals is an exclusive suite of documentaries, movies, clips, and unique TV shows that were created by renowned YouTubers and content creators. The YouTube Originals series was launched in 2016, allowing YouTube to contest Netflix and similar original content streaming services. 

How to Cancel YouTube Music – PC

You can manage your YouTube Music subscription on a computer or smartphone. You will have to visit YouTube's paid memberships page in all cases. The process is simple, so let's begin with canceling YouTube Music on PC.

  1. Tap Manage Membership
  2. Click Deactivate to cancel YouTube Music
  3. Tap Continue to confirm your decision
  4. You will be asked to state a reason for canceling your YouTube Music subscription. Provide an answer or skip, then tap Next
  5. Tap Yes to cancel YouTube Music subscription and confirm all changes. 

How to Cancel YouTube Music – Android

Canceling YouTube Music membership on Android devices can be done in just a few minutes. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Click on your avatar (profile picture) in the YouTube application, and select Paid Memberships option
  2. Tap YouTube Music Membership 
  3. Click Continue to cancel
  4. You will be asked to state a reason, after which you should tap Next
  5. Click Yes to finalize the process.

How to Cancel YouTube Music – iPhone and iPad devices

Regardless of which Apple device you are using, the process of canceling your YouTube Music subscription is the same. Follow these steps:

  1. Click on your Profile Picture and select Paid Memberships option
  2. Tap on YouTube Music Subscription
  3. Click on the Manage Apple Subscriptions panel
  4. Select the YT Music paid membership option
  5. Click Cancel to confirm the change

What is the Billing Date for YouTube Services?

Regardless of which YT service you've subscribed to, the next billing date will always be the day of the first payment you've made to the brand. 

For instance, if you purchased the subscription on the 15th of December 2021, your YT subscription billing date will be the 15th day of every following month until you cancel your YouTube music subscription.

The only exception is for payments made on the 31st of a month (or 29th and 30th for February billing dates). In this case, the billing date is the last day of every month until you cancel your YouTube subscription.

Why Can't I Cancel My YouTube Subscription?

There are several cases where you may have difficulties canceling your YouTube Music membership instantly. In some cases, the changes you've made will take a bit more time to be fully processed. In other cases, you will need to make certain adjustments to your YouTube profile or manage membership of pending YT subscriptions. 

Apple smartphone users, for example, can't cancel their YouTube memberships in the usual way. They are being billed by Apple corporation and need to cancel their membership from their Apple account. Enter your Apple ID, open YouTube Music, tap paid memberships, and cancel the subscription from there.

Similarly, Android users can cancel their YouTube Music subscription via their Google Play Music accounts. The subscription will end with the current billing period.

Can You Pause and Later Resume YouTube Music Membership?

If you don't want to revoke your subscription completely, you can temporarily "freeze" your membership.

Go to YouTube's paid memberships page on your YouTube account or open the YouTube app from your smartphone. Tap Manage. To revoke the subscription, tap Cancel Membership. If you wish to pause it, tap Pause Membership.

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Conclusion: How to Cancel YouTube Music

Canceling YouTube Music membership is a quick and easy process. It can be done on all devices, although you should be aware that different companies will bill you depending on which device type you are using. 

You can use YouTube Music's free trial to become familiar with its features before you pay for the membership. As soon as you make the first payment, note that it will be the day you will be billed every following month. Use this guide to cancel your YouTube Music membership when you don't wish to pay for the service anymore.