The Top 5 Real Estate Apps for Windows
Marko Jovanovic Sep 19th, 2019
Learn what are top 5 real estate apps by number of downloads

Thanks to real estate apps, you don’t have to be an expert to buy and sell property. These applications are designed to simplify the process so you can make smart decisions and find the perfect home or commercial property.

With the right app, you’ll get real-time insights into particular locations as well as the prevailing market conditions. This makes it easier to narrow down your options based on verifiable data.

The best part is you have lots of options to choose from and each app has its own specialty. Some real estate apps are aimed at auction properties while others have a large database of residential properties.   

To help you find the ideal real estate app for your needs, we did some digging to find you the best options available today. Read on for more. 



Number of Downloads: 4, 6 million+

Zillow is one of the oldest and most popular real estate apps around. It boasts a large, updated real estate database with unique and useful information. This includes convenient home value estimates, past sale prices and location-based price tracking.

Once you sign up as a user, Zillow allows you to track your home’s appraisal value over time so you can sell at just the right time. Thanks to the app’s filter, you’ll also enjoy customized searches and intuitive browsing. 

According to a study done by Malta Sotheby's Realty, Zillow is one of the best apps to use when you want to buy, sell and rent property.  



Number of Downloads: 473, 550+

If you’re shopping on a budget, the RedFin app is for you. It features a cutting-edge algorithm that provides accurate home value estimates.

This app will keep you up to date on the latest open houses in your preferred location so you get a feel of what properties are available in the area. It’ll also help you avoid buying a home in an area you don’t like, and it’s definitely easy to use.


Bigger Pockets

Number of downloads: 400, 000+

This app stands out for its ability to simplify real estate jargon and statistical data. It does this through easy-to-digest ebooks, podcasts, blog posts and guides. All of thesetools are available for free on the app and on the Bigger Pockets website.

It’s a great way to educate yourself about the current state of the property market and real estate business as a whole. You’ll even learn about how to spot great real estate investment opportunities. Bigger Pockets is definitely the perfect resource for an aspiring real estate investor.



Number of downloads: 5 million+

LoopNet is another valuable resource for real estate investors. It operates similarly to Zillow, except it’s designed for commercial or multi-unit residential properties.

What we love about this app is the fact that you can filter your search results based on any location or market you want. That way, you can monitor property prices locally and nationally.

Rating: 94, 000+ is the go-to resource for property investors and it even has a stamp of approval from the National Association of Realtors. In it, you’ll find a database full of listed properties which is regularly updated for your convenience.

This award-winning app is also easy to use and comes with relevant features for the average buyer looking to invest in a home, whether it’s an apartment, a villa or a country house.


What about auction properties?

If you want to buy real estate via auction, the Xome app comes highly recommended. It functions similarly to the other apps on this article, with the main difference being that you’ll get real-time access to the latest auction deals. This includes standard home listings, short-sale listings, foreclosures and bank owned listing.

It’s a great way to nab properties at ridiculous rates before they actually go onto the market. This app is awesome for anyone that wants to flip property as well.



When looking for a real estate app, it’s important to consider features like usability, tools, search filters, credibility and access to numerous listings. The apps on this article tick all these boxes and more. That’s why they’re the most popular real estate apps on the market.