Top web browsers in February 2020
Marko Jovanovic Mar 14th, 2020
Firefox sinks to lowest share since 2005

According to data released by web metrics supplier Net Applications, Firefox's share in February sank to 7.6%, down six-tenths of a portion point. It was the 8th month in the last 12 in which Firefox spilled users and the 3rd largest recession throughout that stretch.

The last time Firefox recorded a share that low remained in September 2005, when it also published a 7.6% marker. At the time, Firefox was still chipping away at Internet Explorer (IE), Microsoft's then-keystone of web browsers, as it slowly grew to become a legitimate hazard to Redmond. IE represented an astounding 86.8% of international share in September 2005.

Microsoft's 2 browsers - IE and the revamped-with-Chromium-Edge - added two-tenths of a percentage point in February, a minor rebound from the triple-that decrease of the month before. IE+E dge ended last month at 13.8%.

Chrome added three-tenths of a percentage point last month - the same as in January - to end at 67.3%, its greatest mark since October.

Apple's Safari dropped four-tenths of a percentage indicate 3.9%, while Opera Software's namesake dropped two-tenths of a point, being up to 1.2%.